Monday, June 15, 2009

New Article Released: Dice Games: It's Time to Roll the Dice

It is in The Dragon Reborn, after his rebirth in the Tower that we finally get a POV from Mat Cauthon. Shorn of the Shadar Logoth evil, Mat begins his journey to adulthood.

There are two articles in the Reference Library about aspects of Mat's experiences in The Dragon Reborn, the Fool and Joker essay already published which looks at the development of his character and skills, and an article on the Dice games I originally wrote for Wotmania and is now republished here. It was the dice games that revealed to Mat and the readers the extent of his extraordinary luck and what it would mean for his life.

There is also an essay on the different real world influences used to create the complex Cauthon personality in preparation that will be posted here soon.

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