Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Post #3 of 3 Last JordanCon things

By Linda

Once I made the decision to go to JordanCon, I decided to enter into the swing of things and make a costume. I wanted to do something original, yet fun and in the spirit of the series - my take on things, in other words. Being rather busy with blog posts, embroidery commitments for exhibitions and real life (family, work) I also didn’t want to spend a lot of time on it. Maximum results from minimum effort seemed like a good idea.

Since I was travelling internationally, I decided on the Taraboner style which is fairly formfitting, because it would use less fabric and require no complicated underwear and so would weigh less. (And considering how many books I’ve bought this was a brilliant idea). Choice of colour was easy: red and black, Moridin’s colours, referring to my Taim is Moridin theory. I already had a suitable red and black top and so only had to make a skirt and a shawl. I even had suitable jewellery: a necklace of dark grey shiny iron ore beads. The ore appears metallic yet is blood red in powdered form. The symbolism seemed right.

The skirt didn’t take long to make; it’s a simple style in a non-crushable black fabric. I already had made a black shawl for another occasion and the fabric was really apt, being a machine-embroidered ground of roses. I removed its beaded fringe and replaced it with one of black and red wool. Then came the flame – or should it be dragon’s fang? I decided on ambivalence as you can see in the photos. I had seen an eighteenth century costume detail of a corded motif oversewn with a complementary thread. So I outlined the flame/fang with shiny black cord and embroidered it with the same red wool used in the fringe. My costume was complete!

I saw many excellent costumes at the Con – lovely embroidered shawls and dresses, wonderfully Constructed creatures, convincing main characters. Jason of Dragonmount was Rand in beaten up mode, with a positively necrotic looking side wound and all.

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