Saturday, May 1, 2010

Post #2 of 3 Last JordanCon Things

By Linda

Having travelled so far to come to JordanCon and the east coast of the US and endured considerable jetlag, I realised something new about Travelling in WOT. Channellers move from Cairhien to Seanchan or from Arad Doman to the Aiel Waste and the only tiredness they might feel is from the channelling effort. Moving instantly from place to place might seem fantastical, but doing so without any disturbance to circadian rhythms? Now that’s fantasy.

Another thing is that no character has changed hemispheres onscreen in the books as I did. It was awful losing my sense of direction due to the shadows pointing the wrong way: I literally lost the sun. Normally I have an excellent sense of direction but with the sun's location reversed, I had to consciously work out where east or west must be. Adapting took me about as long as it took to recover from jetlag.

And Sunday night I do it all over again for the return trip...the LONGER return trip!


Terez said...

I hope you at least get to sleep some on the plane!

Linda said...

I did, thanks Terez! I got home a couple of hours ago.

Anonymous said...

Actually, Travel to Seanchan may not cause jet lag if they cross the "date line" of the WoT world. Time zones make no difference if you go from one place at 12pm to another at 1 pm.

That said, hope you're back to normal now!

Anonymous said...

Hello Linda,

I would like to ask you where to find the tid bits of information regarding Rand's lineage as well as that of the Andoran lineages.

In Rhuidean Rand saw through the eyes of his ancestors as far back as the Breaking when great ....great aunt Rhea was kidnapped. Is she related somehow to Ishara?

Linda said...

I reported it here: and Terez posted about it on Theoryland here.

Linda said...

We don't know how who else Rhea is related too besides Rand.