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Analysis of Minor Characters #5: Balwer

By Linda

Sebban Balwer is an interesting character with surprising depths. While there’s definitely more to him than he lets on, let’s start with the surface.

In appearance he is narrow, pinched and dry. He is described as bird-like, or as unnoticeable as a lizard on a branch (Knife of Dreams, As If the World Were Fog). There is little physical aspect to him; he doesn’t do much except listen, remember and draw conclusions.

Balwer strikes me as a guy who realised he would physically never impress and therefore uses his unassuming appearance and peoples’ stereotypes or beliefs to advantage against people. Morgase, for instance, thought:
What help could this prissy little stick of a man offer?

- A Crown of Swords, The Irrevocable Words

This anonymity is a major reason why Niall employed Balwer:

A man no one would ever suspect, or credit if he was named to them.

- Lord of Chaos, Plans

Valda completely fell for it and, always a good recommendation, believed Balwer useless.

Balwer’s dryness extends to his character; he is fussy and disapproving. Perrin thinks Balwer’s feelings lack passion. He can certainly hate or be suspicious, but in a cold manner. Perhaps Balwer shows most feeling when slighted: he doesn’t, or can’t, suppress his body language, although he can control his face:

His secretary's face remained as prim as ever, but he began dry-washing his hands the way he did when he felt insulted.

- Lord of Chaos, Plans

On his own recommendation, Balwer possesses a good memory and writes elegantly, is adept at shaping himself to his employer’s needs and keeps secrets well. (In fact the word secret-ary originally meant keeper of secrets.) Perrin would add that Balwer has a sharp mind, and a sharp tongue with underlings or equals.

Balwer finds as many secrets as he can; he is always gathering information. He takes pride in his skill at it, and, like Moridin, doesn’t like to admit he has failed to find out something:

For a moment Balwer's mouth tightened as though drawstrings had been pulled shut. "I do not know yet, my Lord." Balwer never liked admitting there were any human secrets he could not ferret out.

- Lord of Chaos, Plans

If you nearly always succeed, it’s hard to accept not doing so.

His reports are succinct and entirely verbal; he appears to writing nothing down, unlike, say Norry.

As well as shaping himself to his situation, Balwer has tried to shape his masters but has been less successful at that: neither Niall nor Perrin responded much. However, Balwer did teach Perrin the value of knowledge:

One thing he had learned from Balwer. Knowledge could be very useful, and you never knew which scrap would turn out worth more than gold.

- Knife of Dreams, A Manufactory

and evidence. Balwer does not believe anything without evidence:

Perrin could not prove Masema’s meetings with the Seanchan, and telling anyone how he had learned of them would only add to his present difficulties. That gave Balwer problems; he was a man who liked evidence.

- Crossroads of Twilight, The Forging of a Hammer

Niall…suspected the Tar Valon witches' sins were among the things Balwer did not believe in.

- Lord of Chaos, Plans

Where Omerna believed everything, Balwer believed nothing, perhaps not even in Darkfriends, or the Dark One. If Balwer did believe in anything, it was looking over men's shoulders, listening to their whispers, rooting out their secrets. Of course, he would have served any master as well as he did Niall, but that was all to the good. What Balwer learned was never tainted by what he knew had to be true, or wanted to be true. Disbelieving everything, he always managed to root out truth.

- Lord of Chaos, Plans

Disbelieving everything, he suspects everyone:

According to him, what your friends said and did could be as interesting as what your enemies planned, and that was when you were sure they were your friends.

- Crossroads of Twilight, When to Wear Jewels

and wants to know what they think and do. Even his boss Niall:

Balwer's eyes never left Niall's face by so much as a flicker, but Niall knew the tiny ball of paper on the floor would end up in the man's hands unless he burned it.

- Lord of Chaos, Plans

This is what led him to spying.

Thanks to Perrin’s ta’veren effect, we learn a little about Balwer’s recruiting methods:

“The lady will do very well, my Lord,” Balwer said softly, watching Selande vanish into the darkness among the carts. This approval was a surprise; he had tried to talk Perrin out of using Selande and her friends on the grounds they were hotheaded and unreliable. “She has the necessary instincts. Cairhienin do, usually, and Tairens to some extent, at least the nobles, especially once—“He cut off abruptly, and eyed Perrin cautiously. If he were another man, Perrin would have believed he had said more than he intended, but he doubted Balwer slipped in that fashion.

- Crossroads of Twilight, The Forging of a Hammer

It sounds like Balwer puts pressure on people in some way to spy, or at least pulls the nobles into line. He has no qualms about ordering nobles to report (Crossroads of Twilight, The Forging of a Hammer).

Amusingly Balwer judged Cha Faile on first impressions, until he discovered that they were already a spy ring.

More than once Perrin remarks that Balwer can look after himself. Balwer is never afraid either, even though the rest of Morgase’s group are. Can or does he use weapons? Or does he rely solely on his admittedly effective camouflage? Perhaps focussing on gathering information prevents fear.

Perrin remarks on how quietly Balwer moves as well as how easily he can be disregarded, so presumably he gathers some information by lurking.

Perrin has not figured out why Balwer gives his reports privately. One reason is that it’s Perrin’s responsibility who is told what and the consequences of this (eg Aram passing info on to Masema). It’s not Balwer’s fault if Perrin is indiscreet or tells someone who is indiscreet. Moreover, Balwer of all people knows how information can change just in one telling, whether deliberately or accidentally.

Is Balwer’s pretence that he isn’t a spymaster harmless, as Perrin thinks? Obviously the more people who know what Balwer does, the more they are on their guard and the harder his job is.

When he worked for Niall, Balwer didn’t just collect information, he spread propaganda and arranged rebellions and deals:

  • Balwer learned that King Mattin Stepaneos, despite pretending to accept Niall’s proposal, agreed to something with the White Tower, though he didn’t learn what (Lord of Chaos, Plans). (This was to go to the Tower.)

  • He was told that Davram Bashere is in Caemlyn with thirty thousand light horse, but thought more likely half that or less. (Actually it was less than one third).

  • He also knew the Borderlanders were fighting over whether Rand was the Dragon Born and they hadn’t resolves this as of Lord of Chaos.

  • In Tear, Balwer's agents had convinced Tedosian and Estanda to join Darlin, turning a show of defiance into real rebellion, and the man was confident the same could be done in Cairhien, and in Andor.

    - Lord of Chaos, Plans

More recently, after Malden, Balwer wanted to interrogate the Shaido Wise Ones, and did obtain information from the Shaido and Brotherless captives:

"Well, my Lord, there is much of great interest to learn. For instance, it appears that many of the Shaido are ashamed of their clan's behavior. The Wise Ones themselves were at odds. Also, they have had dealings with some very curious individuals who offered them objects of power from the Age of Legends. Whoever they were, they could make gateways...The 'objects' the Shaido were given are very suspect, by my estimation. The Aiel were duped, though for what reason, I cannot yet fathom. However, if we had more time to search the city. ..."

- The Gathering Storm, Leaving Malden

He openly regretted that Perrin allowed the Seanchan to take the Shaido damane and suggested questions for the Wise Ones be sent to the Seanchan. He anticipates no trouble getting information out of the Aiel.

Niall thinks Balwer has the suspicious nature of an Amadician, but lacks the manipulative or strategic skill of a Cairhienin:

"Enough, Balwer." Niall sighed. Sometimes he wished Balwer were not an Amadician, but a Cairhienin who had taken in the Game of Houses with his mother's milk. "Morgase is more committed to me every day, whatever she believes.

- Lord of Chaos, Plans

Considering that Perrin saw through Balwer, Niall was probably right.

With his empirical, pragmatic beliefs and his preparedness to disregard rank, Balwer is more modern than many of the other characters – post the Age of Enlightenment in outlook. In the Wheel of Time society it is unusual for a commoner to command nobles. He does allow them to make their reports to Perrin personally. Is this a sop to their honour? Or morale? Or to make sure Perrin listens?

Balwer accepts the rules and structure of society. However he is not ideologically or emotionally tied to any employer as say, Thom and Norry are. Nor is he after personal recognition:

Omerna he put up with, knowing the man a fool, much preferring to remain hidden himself, but he did not like Niall receiving reports that bypassed him, from men he did not know.

- Lord of Chaos, Plans

And probably not material gain, since Perrin never thinks of how much he’s paying Balwer.

His motivation appears to be job satisfaction in solving puzzles or knowing what’s really happening, personal achievement, and influence over important people. Like a Seeker, Balwer must know all.

That explains why he is a spymaster, but why did he free Morgase?

"Why? Master Balwer, I'll not shun any true offer of help, but why would you risk yourself? These Seanchan will make you regret it, should they find out."
"I laid my plans before they came," he said carefully. "It seemed... imprudent... to leave the Queen of Andor in Valda's hands. Consider it my way of repaying him. I know I am not much to look at, Majesty..." [appearances again]He hid a self-deprecating cough behind his hand. "... but the plan will work.

- A Crown of Swords, The Irrevocable Words

Spite? Justice for their murder of Niall? Like Teslyn with Elaida, part of his motivation is to do harm to Valda and Asunawa:

Valda is a dangerous man, and Rhadam Asunawa, the Grand Inquisitor, makes Valda seem pleasant. And I fear neither has any love for your own Lord. Forgive me." He bowed again, hesitated, then went on smoothly. "If I may say so, my Lord's display of Manetheren's banner is inspired. My Lord will be more than a match for Valda and Asunawa, if he takes care."
Watching him bow himself away, Perrin thought he knew part of Balwer's story now. Clearly, he also had run afoul of the Whitecloaks. That could take no more than being on the same street with them, a frown at the wrong time, but it seemed Balwer had a grudge.

- The Path of Daggers, Tangles

He attached himself to Perrin for the same reason: to help someone who could keep the Whitecloaks away and do harm to them.

Perrin might be the first employer Balwer could trust and feel attached to:

The man appreciated it when Perrin saw the value of what he reported.

- Winter’s Heart, Leaving the Prophet

But, Master Balwer, you’ve been trying to . . . guide . . . me to this since Selande left us. From now on, if you have a suggestion to make, make it. Even if I say no to nine in a row, I’ll always listen to a tenth. I’m not a clever man, but I’m willing to listen to people who are, and I think you are. Just don’t try poking me in the direction you want me to go. I don’t like that, Master Balwer.” Balwer blinked, then of all things, bowed with his hands folded at his waist. He smelled surprised. And gratified. Gratified? “As you say, my Lord. My previous employer disliked me suggesting actions unless I was asked. I won’t make the same mistake again, I assure you.” Eyeing Perrin, he seemed to reach a decision. “If I may say so,” he said carefully,“I have found serving you . . . pleasant . . . in ways I did not expect. You are what you seem, my Lord, with no poisoned needles hidden away to catch the unwary. My previous employer was known widely for cleverness, but I believe you are equally clever, in a different way. I believe I would regret leaving your service. Any man might say these things to keep his place, but I mean them.”...
“I see no reason for you to leave my employ. Just tell me what you want to do and let me decide, don’t try to prod. And forget the flattery.”
The little man bowed once more. He had never been this formal before.

- Crossroads of Twilight, The Forging of a Hammer

After this exchange, Balwer respects Perrin and also feels gratified to be valued by him as more than a tool.

Balwer believed what Perrin said, and noticeably speaks up after this:

"However, I grew curious. Did you have to let the Seanchan take all of the captive Shaido channelers with them?"

- The Gathering Storm, Leaving Malden

“I won't deny I would enjoy a chance to strike a blow at the Whitecloaks," Balwer said in that dry-as-dust voice, "but in truth I feel I owe this Galad Damodred a debt of gratitude." Perhaps his grudge was against this Valda personally. "In any case, you have no need of my advice here. Events are in motion in Malden, and if they weren't, I doubt you'd hold back even a day. Nor would I have advised it, my Lord. If I may be so bold, I am quite fond of the Lady Faile."

- Knife of Dreams, As If the World Were Fog

He speaks up about his feelings for Faile and Valda and is perhaps emotionally involved in employers for perhaps first time. He would never have said anything like this earlier in the books.

What does the future hold for Balwer? He feels like he owes Galad a debt of gratitude, so does he pay that debt? He probably would like working for Galad: a Cairhienin who is both just and predictable.

And then there is his disbelief in the Horn:

"Do you believe the Horn of Valere will call dead heroes back to save us, Balwer?"
"Perhaps, my Lord," Balwer said, folding his hands fussily. "Perhaps not. I would not count on it, myself."

- Lord of Chaos, Plans

Does he get to witness this event? He might well if he stays close to Perrin the Bannerman.

And finally there’s Perrin’s observation that

Balwer’s thin voice was dry and precise, just like its owner. He would sound the same with his neck on a headsman’s block.

- Crossroads of Twilight, The Forging of a Hammer

which sounds like Foreshadowing.


Mik said...

Balwer, Balwer, Balwer. I just can't seem to put my finger on it, but I think it's one of the few minor characters (very much like Leane & Melaine) that I just -feel- are Darkfriends, without any real proof.

It's just my gut saying there's something seriously wrong with them. Something in how they are described by RJ. Something in how they act. Something in the back of my mind or the corner of my eye.

Balwer reminds me of Ishamael boasting about whispering in Hawkwing's ear. He whispered lies in Pedron Niall's ear, I think. And Niall found out only moments before he was assassinated, me thinks.

It's a shame your analysis seems to start when he attaches himself to Perrin. There's more to learn about Balwer when he "served" Perdron Niall, Linda.

My gut tells me Balwer is poison.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, and people ought to consider your gut a viable insight?

Hinkel said...

Another great character portrait, Linda.

Was it unintentional that you noted Galad as a Cairhienin near the end of the article? He can of course be considered Cairhienin via Taringail, but I've always thought of him as Andoran due to his personality and allegiances with House Trakand.

Linda said...

Biut nothing he's done is poison, Mik. And he's too competent not to have done somethign effective.

I think Niall was right that Balwer is a non-believer. If so, he cannot be a Darkfriend.

This is what RJ said on recruiting:

By the by, claiming not to believe in the Creator is a good way to avoid recruitment by the Darkfriends. After all, if there is no Creator, how can the Dark One be imprisoned, and if he isn't, then why hasn't he taken over and rewarded the faithful?

I think that Balwer is sceptical on this issue - or largely ignores it. He keeps an open mind on the subject due to lack of evidence. I don't think he's working for either side under any conviction. His employers use his talents for their goals in the war.

Linda said...

Hinkel: Probably a slip - he's been influenced by both his father and his step-mother, but then Morgase is unusually skilled in the Game of Houses for an Andoran. She'd never have survived Taringail otherwise.

So Galad seems more Cairhienin to me than Andoran sometimes. He truly is in between the two though.

Hinkel said...

"She'd never have survived Taringail otherwise."

Or if the Grey Fox hadn't arranged for an accident.

Your point is well taken - It would be interesting to see Galad use what skills he might have in the great game - I wonder how much his father would have taught him until his death when Galad was probably an early teenager - It was his dream after all to see his son on the Sun Throne.

Mister Random said...

I agree with Linda, Balwer does not strike me as a strong candidate for a darkfriend. I also think there is a strong possibility that Perrin does not have any darkfriends close to his inner circle since as far as I am aware there have been no attempts on his life while in camp, though it is possible that it is simply that they are unaware of the kill order due to being in the wilderness when it was issued and rarely visiting towns.

Back to Balwer, he is also a possible way for Morgase to be exposed as I suspect many whitecloaks would recognise him even if they just thought he was Pedron Niall's secretary. When Perrin does encounter the whitecloaks it is possible that Balwer will be recognised leading to the truth about Morgase being revealed.

Once Perrin discovers who Balwer really worked for I also think that Perrin will quickly work out that Balwer must have been the real spymaster for the whitecloaks.

If Perrin does work this out, he will then of course have a major problem in ensuring that Faile doesn't find out that Balwer has control over what remains of the whitecloak spynetwork as she has caused him (Perrin) enough headaches with her Cha'Faile so imagine what trouble she could cause with a major spynetwork backing her up.

Molly said...

You say that Mattin Stepaneos agreed to go to the White Tower; what evidence do you have for this? When he is brought before Elaida he calls it a kidnapping and is seemingly enraged by it. It seems more likely to me that he was proving recalcitrant about her decree or something like that. If he was supporting her, agreeing to something as long a "pilgrimmage" to the Tower, why bother kidnapping him to keep Illian in line? Elaida didn't believe the Forsaken are out and so Lord Brend wouldn't concern her and one of her POVs has her thinking that she had no idea Rand was going to invade Illian.

Anonymous said...

another great one...
whose up nxt ?

Linda said...

Molly: You are right; I should have said that he agreed to meet with the Aes Sedai Elaida sent to bring him to the Tower.

Linda said...

Next will be Aludra, I think. There will be a few days' delay, though, because I must write an article for someone else first.

Mik said...

@the first Anonymous; relax. It was just an opinion.

Linda said:
"But nothing he's done is poison, Mik. And he's too competent not to have done somethign effective."

I'm not so sure. Balwer's suggestion to Niall about putting presure on Morgase was ...odd. Niall's responce to Balwer was right on the money.

One of the other things that keeps irking me about Balwer is this;
One of the things that threw all of Niall's carefull plans into the trashcan was the Seanchan. Niall realized this as soon as he got word from two sources he trusted that were not part of Balwer's network, nor of Omerna's "network" (a network well-known and therefor easily influenced by Balwer).

Niall finally got confirmation of what was really going on only moments before he was killed by Omerna.

Varadin & Faisar finally provide the truth about the Seanchan to Niall. They are the only these sources we know off 100% were not influenced by Balwer.

It's just oddness in the extreme, because as Niall full-well realizes, this messes up most of his -if not all- of his plans.

It just stands out, I think. Like you said yourself, Lin; Balwer is too competent. He must have willingly misinformed Niall.
It just doesn't add up!

Linda said...

We know that Varadin was Niall's personal agent. We know nothing about Faisar other than he was one of a few sent to see if anything could be salvaged from Tarabon. He might well have been a usual WHitecloak agent. The vact that he was one of a group indicates he likely was.

As for why he reported to Niall personally, by that time he had met up with Varadin and was using his reporting system to get reports out. Which meant they bypassed Balwer. They did this because:

The Forerunners kept a such a guard that not a whisper could pass the walls.

I think that Balwer genuinely did not know and that was due to the Seanchan. It was only the excellence of Niall's agent that got info out.

Mik said...

What I'm trying to say is that Varadin's first & second message would have been interpreted way differently and appreciated for their true value by Niall, if he wouldn’t have been so misinformed about the Seanchan up until that point in LoC!
The Seanchan were kicked out of Falme at the end of TGH. Don’t you think it very odd that a very capable spymaster like Sebban Balwer with his own network –next to the one Omerna has that he knows full-well about and can use to extrapolate information (or manipulate as he chooses)—didn’t find out the truth about what happened there? Or at the very least come up with a few scenarios –one or more surely containing the Seanchan- about what could have happened at Falme to better inform Niall.

Instead of Balwer bringing the decent information about what had happened at Falme, we see Omerna telling the truth about what happened at Falme! Omerna, Balwer’s decoy. Balwer knows that Niall won’t take what Omerna tells him seriously and you can bet your arse Balwer knows what Omerna feeds Niall. We all know how Balwer dislikes lacking knowledge (like the vials from Varadin) and as we see in the dialogue between Balwer & Niall, Balwer knows how to manipulate news & spread rumor. How often do you think he used this tactic to fool poor Omerna (and thus Niall)?

How different would Niall have responded to Varadin’s first (and second) message, if he would have known the literally simple truth. RJ even showed us it wasn’t that hard to find out with a decent eyes-and-ears network:

Here’s what Verin and Siuan discuss as far back as TSR, Chapter 12;

“There is the matter of the Seanchan, Mother.”
“What of them? All my reports say they have fled back across the ocean, or to wherever they came from.”
“It seems so, Mother. But I fear we may have to deal with them again.” Verin pulled a small leather notebook from behind her belt and began leafing through it. “They spoke of themselves as the Forerunners, or Those Who Come Before, and talked of the Return, and of reclaiming this land as theirs. I’ve taken notes on everything I heard of them. Only from those who actually saw them, of course, or had dealings with them.”
“Verin, you are worrying about a lionfish out in the Sea of Storms, while here and now the silverpike are chewing our nets to shreds.”
The Brown sister continued turning pages. “An apt metaphor, Mother, the lionfish. Once I saw a large shark that a lionfish had chased into the shallows, where it died.” She tapped one page with a finger. “Yes. This is the worst. Mother, the Seanchan use the One Power in battle. They use it as a weapon.”
Siuan clasped her hands tightly at her waist. The reports the pigeons had brought spoke of that, too. Most had only secondhand knowledge, but a few women wrote of seeing for themselves. The Power used as a weapon. Even dry ink on paper carried an edge of hysteria when they wrote of that.
(End quote)

So you see, the puzzle is this:
1> A decent eyes-and-ears network and a decent brain could have figured out the basic truth. (see quote)
2> Balwer has a more then decent brain as does Niall
3> Balwer has atleast one wide-spread eyes-and-ears network and can probably learn from Omerna’s network too (and influence it!)
4> Why didn’t Niall know about the Seanchan about a year after Falme, where Siuan knew in less then half a year?

Niall figures it out after just 3 messages from one source (with two trustworthy writers), right before he gets killed. What does that say about Balwer…?

Linda said...

Mik: Trouble is, since WC believe that all use of the One Power is evil, they weren't distinguishing between damane and Aes Sedai at that stage. Their belief system just couldn't accommodate the difference.

As a character, Balwer isn't in the books until Lord of Chaos. He might not even have been thought of in The Great Hunt.

Niall had firsthand information about what happened at Falme from Byar in The Dragon Reborn Prologue. He carried a letter for Niall from Bornhald and also told Niall of the Seanchan. He interpreted the damane as Aes Sedai.

So Niall had the correct info but didn't use it. Fain/Mordeth got to Niall before Byar and "helped Niall see the pattern emerging in events."

None of this is caused by Balwer.

Mik said...

Linda said:
"Mik: Trouble is, since WC believe that all use of the One Power is evil, they weren't distinguishing between damane and Aes Sedai at that stage. Their belief system just couldn't accommodate the difference."

That’s not true for both Balwer and Niall. We see in Nialls PoV that he even distinguishes between Black & regular Ajah in front of Balwer. So –even- if this were the case for regular CotL soldiers, it’s irrelevant because Niall & Balwer know better.

Linda said:
"As a character, Balwer isn't in the books until Lord of Chaos. He might not even have been thought of in The Great Hunt."

Everything suggests that he was there, Linda. Just because we didn’t see him, doesn’t mean he wasn’t doing his job. We see Niall trusting Balwer and every instance where we see or read about Balwer, the text suggests he’s been doing his job for a while now.

Linda said:
"Niall had firsthand information about what happened at Falme from Byar in The Dragon Reborn Prologue. He carried a letter for Niall from Bornhald and also told Niall of the Seanchan. He interpreted the damane as Aes Sedai."

Yes. He was wrong there. But isn’t that what you have a spymaster for with an eyes-and-ears network (two in fact). Balwer should have set Niall straight –or atleast tried- and that’s my whole point. He never does! Even worse; Omerna has it right! Nothing you suggest should mean a spymaster like Balwer with –all- the info at his disposal shouldn’t have known. Again, I refer to my previous quote from Verin & Siuan.

Linda said:
"So Niall had the correct info but didn't use it. Fain/Mordeth got to Niall before Byar and "helped Niall see the pattern emerging in events."

And how is that important? We’re talking about what Balwer did or didn’t do here. He isn’t influenced by Fain.

Linda said:
"None of this is caused by Balwer."

That’s your opinion. I certainly understand why you think this. And like I said in my first post in this comment-section; it’s nothing clear-cut. But I do feel you looked way too much at Niall, instead of what we can deduct about Balwer.

Linda said...

Mik: Fain is relevant here because he corrupts those he comes into contact with, colours their perceptions towards his way of thinking. Elaida and Niall are important examples of this.

The early events you speak of don’t have Balwer in them, so we can’t know what Balwer did or didn’t say to Niall. all we know is what Niall was thinking and that Fain influenced that thinking.

Balwer’s role is to inform his employers, therefore we have to look at their mindset too, since that dictates a) what credence they give his info, b) what they do with it and c) what they ask him to find out or allow him to tell them. Even Perrin tells Balwer to stay off some topics.

Niall said all witches are Darkfriends more than once. Obviously he would be able to see that some sin more than others but they all are executed if they fall into Whitecloak hands.

Balwer might be a Darkfriend, but he might not. His working for justice for Niall isn’t the act of a Darkfriend. Nor is his rescue of Morgase.

Anonymous said...

Bawler....I often wonder if he and Norry where among the men put out of the white tower when sherin became the arlmin seat. that may be another reason Niall choose him or he said that he was kicked out and wanted revenge. he always seems to know more about AS than he lets on. after all his mind is a wonder at puzzles that is unmatched by any but Niall or even sauin.

Anonymous said...

cool thought but i think the whitecloaks would have done a good background check and skinned him when they found out. norry might be could be true and they are all part of that group keeping in touch at all the royal courts, might have been a big screw up on tar valon part to kick those people out as they would get employed anywhere and could mess with Aes Sedai out of spite.
could be wrong about Balwer and that is part of why Valda hated him