Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Towers of Midnight Newer News

By Linda

My copy of Towers of Midnight just arrived! Here is the title page:

and the Dedication

Both are lovely gestures.

Many thanks to TOR and Team Jordan.

And now to read. And take notes. :)


Marcia said...

Brandon's definitely right Linda, you rock!!

Enjoy the early read, you deserve it ;)

Linda said...

Thanks Marcia! Will do! :D

Brandon's clever too - he knows I'm a geologist.

Mik said...

I said it before and I'll say it again; I envy you, for more then one reason!

And Bradon's right. :)

A geologist eh? Got to love girls who don't mind getting dirty. ;)

Have fun reading!

Lauren (Kip Mylo) said...


I mean. Cool and congrats. You deserve it.

Nero said...

I'm really glad you got it early.
That means you will have a bunch of blog post ready for me to read, right after I finish the book! (no pressure...)

Anonymous said...

yes pressure ...( please)

Jack O' Shadows said...

This does not make it any easier to make it to November second . . . Happy Reading!

TWW said...

Was Brandon crossing out his name or is that just an awkward akward akward underline?

Linda said...

Thanks all, for your comments. :)

Mik: ;)

TWW: As Verin would say, Brandon's signature is ...distinctive.

All: Some time after TOM is released I will start updating the articles I've written. I haven't even estimated how many of these there will be yet. I'm not sure when - I've been posting 3 times a week for about a year now without a break, so there might be a bit of a gap in November while I get stuff ready.

I have two completely new articles in mind, one will be quick to do and will probably be before the updates, the other will take much longer and will be after. Also at least a couple of new theories...

Anonymous said...

Seems silly to wish your life away but Oh boy do I wish it was November 2nd...

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know when the audio book version comes out? The only thing I love more than reading the books is listening to them... :)


Linda said...

Anon: Well it is not long now.

Starvid: Tor-Forge.Com info is that it will be released on the same day.

Anonymous said...

A few ToM reveiwers have warned that the glossary reveals who killed Asmo (possibly the 3rd entry) Have you jumped to the glossary and read the answer to this mystery yet? I certaily will the moment I touch ToM, spoilers be d*+#!

Linda said...

Anon: No I haven't. I want to see how it was incorporated into the story. If I already know who it was, that would colour my perception of them.

Gilbetron said...

I admire your self-control, Linda. My whole life I've been advised to embrace the joys of "delayed gratification," but I just don't have it in me.

The glossary will be my first stop as well. :)

Can't wait for your review, Linda. When do you think you'll be posting?

Linda said...

Gilbetron: I'm thinking of posting it on Nov 2nd. That gives me the weekend to write it.

Daniël van Deutekom said...

Linda, does the book contains new maps of cities? And which one is it?

I hope it contains some!
I LOVE to dream away with the maps from WOT!
A pity that Dominique is gone, he made such good wot maps!

Happy reading! You deserve it!

Daniël from Holland

Linda said...

Daniel: There is a new map - it is of Maradon. There are also three new chapter icons.

Daniël van Deutekom said...

Thank you very much!
Maradon is great! I suspected Maradon, because Rand has an army in Saldaea. Now you could almost say that the forces of evil will strike first in Maradon.

Do you have finished the book? How much pages does it count? Is it true that it counts 57 chapters?
I'm sorry, can't wait!

Daniël van Deutekom

Anonymous said...

Linda said...

Daniel: No, I haven't. Too much real life stuff.

There are 57 chapters plus Prologue and Epilogue. 843 pages not counting the Glossary.

Unknown said...

Well deserved Linda. I don't know of any other book that has enjoyed this level of fan support. For me, it was the discussion threads that took WOT to a whole new level.

It reminds me of all the cool guy from wotmania days (jim, deadsy, moridin2000, mike, sidious, etc).

The ability to see so much more through the eyes of someone as dedicated to the books as you has been a privilege.


PS. your lovely art work (the night sky) now hangs on the wall of my sister's living room. I made it her birthday gift.

Linda said...

Morteza! Thank you. How nice to hear from you! And your sister has my hanging. :) Those were the days indeed at Wotmania.