Wednesday, November 28, 2012

A short note on Rhea

A reader asked me today about the passage in the WOT Wiki that Rhea, a Da’shain Aiel who was kidnapped from her family by bandits during the Breaking of the World, was “most likely” the ancestor of Ishara, first Queen of Andor. Since her name is that of a mother goddess, and considering her lineage, Rhea may have been an ancestor of Westlands nobility, and introduced Aiel colouring into the Andoran royal line. But she probably didn’t do it through Ishara, whom Elayne describes as "Ishara herself, as dark as any of the Atha'an Miere, as full of authority as any Aes Sedai" (The Path of Daggers, Crimsonthorn).

I note that the encyclopedic Wheel of Time websites have missed this information on Ishara's physical appearance.

My essay is proceeding quite well, but it’s long, so there’s still some way to go yet. I'll resume the read-through as soon as I can.


ju said...

nice finding !

Vince said...

Did you get an advance copy of Memory of Light?

Linda said...

Thanks Ju. :)

Vince: Kind of. I was a beta reader for the book.

Vince said...