Sunday, November 18, 2012


I'm halting the read-through for a while (only short, I hope!) because I have a few larger essays I really want to write and I can't do both read-through and essays. Once I get the first essay into second draft, then I can resume the read-through and keep polishing the essay.


JayDee said...

Just want to say thanks for your commentaries and analysis on this site. I studied Classics at uni and hadn't realised that Wheel of Time rewarded the same kinds of study of theme and structure and symbolism.

Based on the depth and breadth of world building and plots it'd been my favourite series for a long long time, but reading this blog alongside my pre-aMoL reread has really enriched the experience. And raised my esteem for Jordan's (and Sanderson's) writing considerably.

Linda said...

Thanks Jaydee. I'm glad that you are enjoying the articles. :) Jordan's work is very layered and can be read superficially to the extent that some readers deny these layers exist or are only incidental. Plus his world-building and cast of characters is also complex. A very difficult author to emulate.

My new essay is taking longer than I thought, and the time of year is also slowing me down. I thought that after the first draft I'd be able to resume the read-through and do both in tandem, but I have found that I need to concentrate on the essay alone. I'm about three quarters of the way through it.