Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Brandon Sanderson delivers 'The Gathering Storm' , & other WOT news bits

April 22 - As per his Twitter/Facebook updates, Brandon finished incorporating today the last round of Line Edits into the manuscript, reaching the sixteenth and final draft stage. The book now goes in production chez Tor Books for its November 3rd release.

We wish Brandon some well-earned vacations now, and all the best with the imminent release of his new Fantasy stand-alone, Warbreaker. According to reports, he will return to book 13 (working title: The Shifting Winds) mostly after the promotional events surrounding the release of his new novel.

The Gathering Storm currently has 50 chapters, a prologue which is one of the parts that was mostly written by Robert Jordan (the news came out from JordanCon that part of the original 25 K words prologue have moved to the opening of book 13), an epilogue. It has 21 POV characters, several of which are used only once - which is comparable to Knife of Dreams. Last Brandon mentionned, the manuscript is 1461 pages long, in Courrier New 12 pt and double spaced, which Brandon says is comparable to the length of The Eye of the World/A Crown of Sword. Most of the characters appear in the book, but Brandon has said it focussed more on some than others.

In a related news, reports from JordanCon mentions that Harriet Rigney is planning to release the prologue of The Gathering Storm as an e-book, and though her plans are not yet finalized, early September 2009, around the time of Dragon Con, has been mentionned.

We will release in the course of next week our updated 'What is known about AMOL' page.

Update: Brandon has now posted on his blog a new Entry further detailing the completion of the book and the editing process.

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