Thursday, April 2, 2009

New Article Released : How Do Channellers detect other Channellers?

A new article is now available in the Reference Library: How Do Channellers Detect Other Channellers?

This article, written by BobH (Shishka) for the Wotmania FAQ section in 2005, is the first of his contributions to be republished here fully indexed. It details, with many examples, the possible ways, if any, that channellers can detect the status and strength of other channellers. This, of course, depends on their own status. The various ter'angreal which detect channelling are also discussed, giving insight into how these devices can inform the wearer as to what channelling is happening, or could happen, nearby.

Other contributors : KCF (aka Nethspace), Onarishma and our own Linda and Dr. Saidin

This article and its content have also been added to the Index.


Taer said...

I, for one, think the news is all good. I don't want aMoL to be rushed, and I don't want it to be shortened artificially. I never believed one final book would do it, and I'm glad to see that there will be three books to get us to the end.

No sadness here, and I don't blame Tor, Harriet or Brandon for a thing. It's all good.

Also, I'm very pleased that you opened the 13th depository. I'll probably become a regular lurker, if not a poster.



Dominic said...

Thanks for the comments Taer, and for letting us know you've found us.

We're happy to have you as a reader of the Blog, lurker or poster! All the blog contributors come from Message Boards culture, so we all appreciate exchanges and discussions.



Taer said...

I was a regular lurker of Wotmania, and infrequent poster. (In fact, you may not recall, but you and I have even had some exchanges over the years on various points.) I greatly appreciated both your and Linda's comments and efforts on wotmania, and for that reason I'm confident this blog will be of great interest to me over the years.

Thanks to you both, and best of luck with it.