Friday, April 17, 2009

The Eye of the World Read-through

Starting tomorrow, members of the Thirteenth Depository team will post their reading impressions as we progress in our preparatory re-read of the entire series in anticipation of the release of The Gathering Storm on November 3rd, 2009.

As far as read-through and book clubs go, this one will be a bit unconventional.

Our entries will be varied and will follow our whims of the moment: from general musings and texts of opinion, to excerpts from our personal notes accumulated through the years about the story lines, characters, unresolved questions, themes or symbolism which we will intersperse with the release of new 'Reference Library' articles with thematic ties to a particular book, new maps inspired by descriptions from the current book and a bit of everything that strikes our imaginations along the way. Our guideline: having as much fun as possible exploring the series while we wait for the release of part one of A Memory of Light.

As Linda and Dominic have hosted on and off since autumn 2008 on the Wotmania forums a more conventional read-through of the series that had reached the end of The Dragon Reborn before we both turned our time and efforts to the creation of this Blog, we will proceed at a fairly rapid pace through the first three books, starting tomorrow with the first entry for The Eye of the World. From The Shadow Rising to Knife of Dreams, our read-through will slow down to follow our reading and writing pace, and we will conclude the 2009 Wheel of Time Read-through in November-December with our detailed impressions of The Gathering Storm.

As always, we welcome participation from our readers. Beside opening each of our RT posts for comments, for each book we will have a 'Round Table' post - an open-thread in which everyone is invited to post their own impressions/commentaries related to the ongoing book.

A new index on the left panel will keep track of the Read-Through Posts.

If you have questions concerning events, characters and aspects of The Eye of the World, don't hesitate to send them to 'Ask Zemaille'. The Librarians of the Thirteenth Depository will do their best to get you the answers during the Read-through.


Jerry B said...

When the read thru started I went back to "New Spring" before reading "Eye of the World". Anyways now I find myself pass the "readthru'rs with Birgette now Elayne's warden and Moghedien mending a wound from a arrow in the back, (Chapters 34-36). November getting closer.

Dominic said...

I'm about halfway in TDR myself, and we're busy writing the posts for TGH RT that will start friday the 15th.

It takes us much longer to research and write the posts than it takes us to just re read normally, I'm afraid.

The plan right now is to finish the read-through in October with KOD, and go straight into a TGS analysis/chapter-by-chapter read-through once we've read the book twice, after which we'll begin to publish the TGS updates for our articles, and to write new TGS related ones.

And we still have about 50 'archival' articles to publish here between now and october.

tusitala said...

Thanks a lot for all the library! I have discover it since a week and, also I don't know English very well, I have reading everything and I like it very much. The post 11 of this read of the eye of the world, untitled Ishamael and souls, has the link broken. Will you repair it? Thanks and best wises from Spain.