Friday, April 30, 2010

Post #1 of 3 Last JordanCon Things

By Linda

At the Con, I was surprised when Alan of Team Jordan asked a question of me, rather than the other way.

Alan: This is something I’ve been wanting to know and have been trying to get confirmed or not: is it true that Australians eat fruit sandwiches?

Me, feeling like Aviendha meeting the Sea Folk, but in NO way claiming to look like her, alas: ???

Alan: You know...pineapple, banana...

Me, oh that fruit!: Yes, it’s quite true. When I was at high school grated cheddar cheese and pineapple sandwiches were popular in the school canteen. My mother still eats banana sandwiches. Neither are common these days though.

And I think he’s going to try the banana sandwich at least, because he asked how to make one. So, in the interest of education, even potentially dangerous education, here are the instructions:

Banana sandwich: Use sandwich loaf. Butter the two slices of bread to your taste. Slice the banana diagonally to get long elipses about half cm/quarter inch thick and place on a slice. If you have a really sweet tooth you can sweeten it further with a little sugar (not usually done). Add top slice. Eat straight away because the banana oxidises rapidly.

Cheese and pineapple sandwich: Butter the slices of bread, grate the cheddar cheese. Open a tin (or can, whatever you call it) of crushed pineapple and drain thoroughly. Assemble a layer of cheese and then pineapple on the bread. Put top slice on. Again, it has to be eaten promptly, because the pineapple will make the sandwich soggy after a while, and soggy sandwiches are an abomination. It tastes sweet, salty and sour all at the same time.


'rew said...

this post makes me happy. And I'm not even from down under...

Anonymous said...

Well, my family always made banana sandwiches with mayo and peanut butter. I know it sounds crazy, but it is really good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Perhaps those are just uncommon where in the US Alan lives, but banana slices & strawberry jam or banana slices & peanut butter or chocolate/hazelnut spread & banana slices sandwiches were extremely popular back-from-school snacks or eaten at breakfast when I was a kid... I guess they still might be, though my kids don't like bananas.

Never heard of anyone eating pineapple sandwiches, though! With ham thrown in that'd be pretty much the sandwich version of what we call "Hawaian" pizza.

Marcia said...

Oh phaw Linda! You may not look like Aviendha (don't have her coloring for instance), but your're still gorgeous in my book. And I'm sure Mr. T. would quite thoroughly agree with me ;p

MJJ (peanut butter and banana sandwiches for me; and yes pineapple and ham on "baked flatbread" - aka Hawaian pizza - nummy!)

Linda said...

LOL! Thanks Marcia, you're so sweet.

Mr. T is very happy to have me back.