Thursday, February 28, 2002


By Linda

Metal Hats

A pair of metal hats too ornate and too thin to be helmets, each:

covered with strange angular patterns of what seemed to be the most minute engraving, it was much too thin to be use as a helmet, though it was twice as heavy as it appeared. The metal felt slick, too, not simply smooth, as if it were oiled.

- Knife of Dreams, A Different Skill

They were found in the Ebou Dar cache (The Path of Daggers, A Quiet Place) and were taken to Caemlyn. It is not known if they survived the sacking of the city. According to Aviendha, the one she touched allows a person to direct a machine.

Helmet of Metal Feathers

A helmet of fluffy metal feathers was found in the Ebou Dar cache and was taken to Caemlyn but it is not known if it survived the sacking of Caemlyn. When Elayne touched the helmet with a thread of Fire, she gave everyone else within twenty paces, except herself, a blinding headache (The Path of Daggers, Into Andor).


Written by Linda, August, 2005 and updated March, 2013

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