Thursday, February 28, 2002


By Linda

The callbox is a small gray cube intricately carved with patterns within patterns in a seemingly infinite series. It is very resistant to chipping or breaking (A Crown of Swords, Patterns Within Patterns). One was given to Sevanna by Sammael prior to Lord of Chaos Prologue, and was therefore not from the Ebou Dar cache, but perhaps from the stasis box he found.

If the smallest flow possible of Fire (saidar) is lightly touched on what looks like a twisted crescent moon, and another on a mark like a lightning bolt, a male channeller can sense the summons, locate the callbox and hear and speak through it. The box sends a signal referred to as a wayline. When activated in this way, the callbox draws saidar (Fire, Earth, Air and Spirit) in some of its runnels and also saidin. It can be activated in other ways as well (perhaps the summons for a woman channeller is different) and if powered too much or in the wrong way it may melt (as is typical of misused ter’angreal) or explode (A Crown of Swords, Patterns Within Patterns).

Moridin was also able to follow the callbox’s summons. He knows of two other callboxes in this world and appears to have learned interesting things from listening in to them, too (A Crown of Swords, Patterns Within Patterns).

Since Sevanna’s capture by the Seanchan in Knife of Dreams, Outside the Gates, the location of her callbox has not been known. Faile claimed the contents of Sevanna’s chest, so she and Perrin may have it. It could also be with the Seanchan or even with the Shaido returning to the Waste, though the latter is less likely.


Written by Linda, August, 2005

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