Tuesday, February 26, 2002

Character Names: I

By Linda

Idrien Tarsin: Academy Head. Idrien could be derived from the personal names Adrien or Idris. Idris is also a figure in Islamic legend who invented writing, sewing and some forms of divination. He is regarded as the patron saint of craftsmen. Idrien is presiding over the Cairhien Academy, where inventions are being developed. She herself invented a giant cross-bow. Tarsin is a surname.

Ila: Tinker. Ila is an androgynous figure in Hindu mythology who is regarded as the chief progenitor of the Lunar Dynasty of Indian kings. After mistakenly entering a sacred grove as an adult, Ila is either cursed to change gender each month or cursed to become a woman. In The Eye of the World, Ila gave Egwene advice on being a woman.

Ilyena Moerelle Dalisar: Lews Therin’s wife. Ilyena is similar to the Greek personal name Iliana, a variant of Helen, meaning ‘bright’ or ‘shining light’. Ilyena was known as Sunhair. Golden-haired Elayne’s name is also a variant of Helen, and is a hint that she may be Ilyena reborn (see Character Names E). Morelle is a surname and Dalisar is in Afghanistan.

Ingtar Shinowa: Shienaran Darkfriend see Names of the Shadow article

Innina Darenhold: Aes Sedai of the Red Ajah. Innina probably refers to Inanna, the Sumerian goddess of the storehouse, fertility, rain, storms and war. Some channellers are given the names of goddesses. Arenhold is a surname.

Isam Mandragoran: Malkieri Darkfriend see Names of the Shadow article

Isebele: Isebele was an historical figure notable for making the Amyrlin Anghara come to her. She is probably a parallel of Queen Isabella I of Spain (1451‒1504) who ruled the two kingdoms of Aragon and Castille with her husband, King Ferdinand. She was imperious with the papacy, especially if she thought the pope was making bad appointments to Spanish positions. For example, she rejected the Italian cardinal appointed by the pope to the see of Cuenca and also rejected the suggestion that the pope's nephew should become archbishop of Seville.

Isendre: Darkfriend see Names of the Shadow article

Ishamael: Forsaken see Names of the Shadow article

Ishar Morrad Chuain: Aginor see Names of the Shadow article

Ishara Maravaile: Andoran Noble. Ishara was the ancient Syrian goddess of oaths, binding promises. Ishara was the first Queen of Andor and began the custom of sending the eldest daughter to the Tower—a custom that has lasted a thousand years. Maravail is a surname.

Ispan Shefar: Black Ajah see Names of the Shadow article


Written by Linda, May 2005 and updated November 2013

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