Saturday, October 17, 2009

About Early Copies of TGS and Our Spoiler Policy

The rumour is floating around some The Wheel of Time Message Boards that some indie bookstores have The Gathering Storm in stock and are disregarding the official street date established by Tor (October 27th) and selling it early.

From past experience, this may well be true, and this may just be a ploy by pranksters to validate their fake reviews of the book in the next days.

For most of us who will get the book on its official release date only, that isn't such a good news, as it means spoilers, real or false, will likely abound next week.

Rules for posting or not posting spoilers and readers's reviews before the 27th will vary a lot on each website in the WOT online community, but it will take only one of them allowing it for the spoilers to spread, so we'll take no chance.

As we've made the commitment to our readers and forum members that this site would not allow spoilers before the book's official release date, we're taking the following measures:

  • Our forums remain open, but only to already registered members. Requests for registration until Oct. 30 will have to be validated first by the forum admin Zemaille. We're counting on all of you guys and gals to keep following the spoilers rules, you've done great so far :) Please read the post on the message boards with the new rules concerning posting early reviews or links to them.

  • The Comment feature will be disabled on the Blog from tomorrow and until October 30 to prevent people from accidentally, or maliciously, posting spoilers. To comment on the articles until October 30, please use this forum instead.

  • For the time being, the Predictions contest remains open (some really great stuff there, btw!) and the closing date of October the 23rd is maintained. We'll take everyone on honour not to use or include spoilers in there. If we start seing suspicious stuff next week, we'll advise. Using spoilers for the contest is a site/IP banning offense, so it's really not worth it people!

  • We are wishing everyone a great (and spoiler-free) last full week of wait for The Gathering Storm (or good reading if you get your hands on the book early!). Don't worry, we'll do our best to keep you occupied until then with many more The Storm is Coming articles until the 27th.


    Pelumi said...

    Thanks for the very detailed and informative post.

    It pretty much cleared up the misunderstandings about Perrin's logistics in the hunt for Faile.

    I wonder how the Aybara's will be able to feed so many people with the Dark One's touch on food growing.

    Also, how large exactly is Tylee's force I thought it was about 15,000 but I'm not too sure anymore.

    Dominic said...

    You're welcome Pelumi! :)

    Tylee's forces was estimated at 15,000 soldiers, over 12 damane and four raken with 12 flyers.