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The Storm is Coming! #10: The Borderlands' Who's Who, part 2

On the frontline of Shadow and Light: The Borderlands.
The Borderlands' Who's Who, part 2

by Dominic

Following up on our first recapitulation article about the Borderlands, here's the second and last part of the Borderlands's Who Who, dealing with characters scattered in various storylines.

The list is not exhaustive but includes the players we either found most significant… or easiest to have forgotten about:

A few significant Bordermen in various story lines:


1. Bordermen at the Stone of Tear

Alanna Mosvani: Alanna is a Green sister from Arafel. Since her introduction in The Great Hunt, Alanna has been a character surrounded by some mystery and questionable behaviour. It began with her intense interest in the three ta'veren at Fal Dara and her taking a deep interest in turn in Egwene and Nynaeve, from the same village, whom she questioned about the boys. It's never been resolved whether Alanna's interest in the boys was personal, or if she was tasked to discover as much as she could about them by her Ajah Head or the Green Sitters who theoretically must have chosen her as one of the two Green Ajah representatives in Siuan's escort to Fal Dara. In any case, her too great curiosity resulted in the girls, by then hunting for the Black Ajah, bringing her to Siuan's attention. It is also an unresolved matter how Alanna ended up accompanying Verin to the Two Rivers to look for girls with the potential to channel (the only avowed goal of that expedition...). It can be suspected that Siuan had a hand in it: Verin was another Siuan thought interfered too much.

In the Two Rivers, Alanna's interest in Perrin was rekindled, and sparked a warning about her to Perrin from Verin. It appears that the temptation of bonding Perrin has at least crossed Alanna's mind, which brought her threats from Faile. The most notable action taken by Alanna in the end, however, was to incite the villagers to adopt the Wolfhead as Perrin's banner. Was there another mystery in this? We still don't know. Alanna, in the bordermen fashion, praised wolves for their hatred of the shadow. That may be all there was to it, or possibly Alanna knew more and wanted the villagers to take Perrin's nature from the good side, reacting to the WC accusations already known in the village that he was a darkfriend or shadowspawn.

Years ago, the Red Ajah had attacked one of the warders of Rina Hedfen, Elyas Machera, trying to gentle him because he could talk to wolves. Rina has never betrayed Elyas after his escape, and is masking the bond so Elyas cannot find her. Is she protecting him? We never got a Green Ajah point-of-view on the gentling attempt or what they think or know of wolfbrothers.. It's also not impossible that the Green Ajah have made the connection between wolfbrothers and the Wolf-King mentioned in the Karaethon Cycle. This could explain why Rina Hafden was not forced to locate Elyas, despite the fact he had killed warders in his escape.

In Caemlyn later on, Alanna committed her most dubious action of all when she impulsively bonded Rand without his permission. She ended up swearing fealty to him at Dumai's Wells. Alanna's bond made it possible for Cadsuane to follow Rand to Far Madding and to the inn he hid at, eventually saving him from his captors there before leading his defense forces at the Cleansing. Rand sent Alanna to Tear, to solve the situation with the rebellious Lords who were besieging High Lord Darlin, his steward. Alanna and her chosen group (Rafela - a Tairen Blue, Bera - an Andoran Green and Faeldrin - a Taraboner Green) managed to negotiate an accord, by which the rebels surrendered and submitted to Rand as long as he named High Lord Darlin their King. After a massive childish tantrum against the negotiators that got him a public spanking by Cadsuane, Rand finally accepted the terms. As The Gathering Storm begins, Alanna Mosvani is still presumably in Tear. Rand seems to have left the sisters in charge, now that he ordered Darlin and most of the High Lords to go to Arad Doman, sending the rest of them to the border of Illian and Altara.

Mahiro Shukosa: He is Rafela Cindal's warder. Mahiro is a Kandori Lord.

2. Some known Borderlanders with the Rebel Aes Sedai

(Most characters only suspected of being from the Borderlands by their name, like Nisao Dachen (Shienaran?), Lelaine Akashi (Kandori?), have not been included)

Sheriam Bayanar: Sheriam is Egwene's Keeper of the Chronicles, and a fiery Saldaean. Like most Aes Sedai listed here, this character will be reviewed in more depth in upcoming Aes Sedai Who's Who articles.

Beldemaine: An Arafellin Yellow. She appeared only in Lord of Chaos.

Berenicia Morsad: A Shienaran Yellow. Part of the embassy to Rand, she was sent back to Salidar by Kiruna and Bera. Those sisters have indeed reached the rebellion, but Berenicia has not reappeared since Lord of Chaos.

Kwamesa: An Arafellin Gray and the youngest Sitter in the Rebel Hall.

Natasia: A Saldaean Blue. She made an appearance only in New Spring.

Malind Nachenin: A Kandori Green who is one of the too-young Sitters in Salidar.

Nacelle: A Malkieri Green Sister. Introduced only in Knife of Dreams, she discovered a weave to detect the channelling of saidin. Of possible interest about Nacelle and her origins is the fact Myrelle, the Rebel's Captain-General of the Green Ajah, is bonded to Lan and thus able to find him or puzzle out he's travelling the length of the Borderlands.

Reiko: An Arafellin Blue. She is an expert at reading OP residues and was one of the sisters sent to investigate the area of Shadar Logoth after the Cleansing.

Uno Nomesta: Uno Nomesta is a one-eyed foul-mouthed grizzled Shienaran warrior and officer (heavy cavalry) from Fal Dara who was sworn to Lord Ingtar Shinowa and chosen to be part of the expedition that hunted the Horn of Valere all the way to Falme, where following the events there he became Dragonsworn. The highest ranking among the Shienarans, Uno lead them to Jehannah on Moiraine's instructions but never found the woman Moiraine sent him to. Uno and the Shienarans remained in Masema's entourage in Ghealdan after he proclaimed himself The Prophet of the Dragon Reborn, though Uno never became one of his followers. Uno, with Ragan and most of the Shienarans from Fal Dara helped Nynaeve and Elayne escape Samara, and escorted them to Salidar. There, the Shienarans agreed to join Lord Bryne's army and train his cavalry. Uno and the Shienarans are very loyal to Rand and his people, a loyalty which probably extends to Egwene. Uno last appeared in The Path of Daggers, leading the troops that escorted Egwene and the Sitters to their meeting with the Andorans and Murandians. Uno and the Shienarans are still with Bryne's forces in the vicinity of Tar Valon.

Ragan: He is the most prominent Shienaran soldier with Uno. Ragan is in his early thirties. He was last seen in Crossroads of Twilight, bringing a message from Lord Bryne to Egwene (which suggests he has gained Bryne's trust).

Masuto, Chaena, Nangu: Three more Shienaran soldiers from the Horn expedition we have a name for. It is unknown whether they followed Uno or have remained with Masema.

3. Some Borderlanders in the White Tower

Adelorna Bastine: A Saldaean Green and Captain-General of the Green Ajah. She is involved in the still mysterious "conspiracy" of the Ajah Heads. A curious mention to Egwene in Knife of Dreams also suggested she might be in contact with Cadsuane. Unlike most, she is certainly aware that Cadsuane is alive.

Bennae Nalsad: A Shienaran Brown Sister. She is the one to whom Egwene revealed the existence of the Thirteenth Depository. Her name is possibly an inside-joke, as it means 'Sesame', the famous password to the treasure in the Ali Baba tale.

Berisha Terakuni: An Arafellin Gray with a reputation for her strict interpretation of the Law. She was one of Egwene's captors at Northharbour.

Pevara Tazanovni: Pevara is a Sitter for the Red Ajah (and Ajah rarely chosen by Bordermen). She is Kandori and the loss of her whole family killed in a darkfriend uprising has marked her deeply. Pevara has joined Seaine Herimon's hunt for Black Sisters in the Tower. She is also one of the Red Sisters ordered by the Ajah Head Tsutama Rath to bond men from the Black Tower. She was last seen in the audience of the Red Ajah envoys with Taim in the epilogue of Knife of Dreams. It is still uncertain whether this trip has already taken place as The Gathering Storm begins, or if it happens further down the timeline.

Pritalle Nerbaijan: A Saldaean Yellow. She participated in Egwene's capture at Northharbour.

Velina: A Saldaean White sister and a Sitter in the Tower Hall. Velina is one of the eleven who have raised Elaida. She is often suspected of being one of the additional undiscovered Black Ajah Sitters in the Tower Hall.

Yukiri: An Arafellin or at least Borderlands-born going by her name, she is one of the Gray Sitters who stood to raise Elaida and is now one of the Black Ajah hunters.

4. A few of the Bordermen in Andor

Falion Bhoda: A Kandori Black Sister from the White Ajah. She was part of Liandrin's group who went to Tear then Tanchico. She was tasked by Moghedien to find the cache of One Power objects in Ebou Dar. By a ta'veren twist of fate that made all the hunters arrive at the same time to the cache, Falion and her fellow Black Sister Ispan bumped into Nynaeve. Ispan was captured but Falion managed to escape, but not for long. Moridin tracked her down, shielded her and gave her to the darkfriend Mili Skane (Lady Shiaine) as servant. Falion was captured by Elayne in Knife of Dreams and is now in the palace's dungeon, refusing to talk.

Asne Zeramene: A Saldaean Black Sister from the Green Ajah. She was part of Liandrin's group. She accompanied Moghedien in her hunt for Nynaeve in Samara. After Moghedien's disappearance, Asne was one of the Black Sisters who made their way to Caemlyn. Their timely visit to Lady Shiaine's house in Knife of Dreams resulted in Elayne's capture. Asne was then killed by the Windfinders during Elayne's rescue.

Mazrim Taim: The infamous False Dragon from Saldaea, now the no less infamous self-proclaimed M'Hael of the Black Tower. Confirmed at last in Knife of Dreams as a traitor and an agent of the Shadow, Mazrim Taim is however still shrouded in much mystery. He's been presented in fan theories over the years to be variously Be'lal, Sammael and Moridin in disguise, after the famous Taimandred theory has been debunked in Winter's Heart and by Robert Jordan in Q&A. Others, like yours truly, go even as far as believing the man is actually… just Mazrim Taim (shocking!) and… just a darkfriend (gasp!). He was last seen in the epilogue of Knife of Dreams, twisting Rand's orders by allowing Red Sisters from the Tower attempt to bond Asha'man, and having a laugh about it

Sarainya Vostovan: A Kinswoman and an Arafellin noble. She followed Elayne to Caemlyn. She has not reappeared since The Path of Daggers.

Zarya Alkaese (Garenia Rosoinde): A Kinswoman and a Saldaean. Zarya was actually a runaway and was put back in white by Vandene when she found out who she was. Zarya was involved in the investigation of Adeleas's murder. She was last seen in Knife of Dreams with Vandene, when she reported to Elayne the murders of the kinswomen (by Careane).

5. Borderlanders in and around Rand's group

Ayako Norsoni: Aes Sedai of the White Ajah, on Elaida's side. By her name, she is Kandori. She is not Black Ajah, as Alviarin made sure none sent to the Black Tower with Toveine was. Ayako has been captured and bonded by Asha'man Donaldo Sandomere from Logain's faction. She was last seen in Knife of Dreams, in the scene of Semirhage's capture.

Beldeine Nyram: A recently raised Saldaean Green Sister from Elaida's faction. She was captured at Dumai's Wells and made da'tsang. She was compelled by Verin into finding a reason to swear fealty to Rand, which she eventually did. Beldeine has been at Rand's side since Far Madding, and was last seen in the scene of Semirhage's capture. She had been considering bonding an Asha'man as her first warder after the cleansing, and finally chose Karldin Manfor in Knife of Dreams.

Lord Davram Bashere: Marshall-General of Saldaea and dragonsworn, he is one of Rand's best military commanders with Rhuarc. Min had a viewing of something dark laying in his future. See the Arad Doman Who's Who for a more complete entry about Lord Davram.

Jahar Narishma: A young Asha'man from Arafel who has been part of Rand's inner circle since the aftermath of Dumai's Wells. He has agreed to be bound by Merise, a Green from Cadsuane's group. Jahar is the one who retrieved Callandor for Rand, but the debate is still opened whether the prophecy concerning this has been fulfilled or not (was the one retrieving Callandor supposed to be a follower of Rand, or does it mean the one who retrieved Callandor will follow after Rand in some fashion? Read and Find Out!). Narishma was Rand's emissary to Egwene's Hall in Knife of Dreams. TGS (prologue) spoiler - click to expand

He has since rejoined Rand and is among the Asha'man with him at Lord Tellean's manor in Arad Doman.

Welyn Kajima: A former clerk from Arafel, now a Dedicated Asha'man. He is from Logain's faction and has captured and bonded the Red sister Jenare, from Toveine's expedition, with whom he now goes along well. Kajima followed Logain to reunite with Rand in Tear and was last seen during the capture of Semirhage. We do not yet know if Kajima is part of the group in Arad Doman or the one sent to Illian.

Nesune Bihara: A Kandori Brown affiliated with the Tower. Jesse Bilal, the First Chair of the Brown Council, forced her to be part of Elaida's embassy to Rand. She was compelled by Verin into finding a reason to swear fealty to Rand, which she did. She was last seen in Crossroads of Twilight, in Rand's inner circle at Lord Pendaloan's manor in Tear.

Kumira: A Shienaran Brown who followed Cadsuane. She was killed at the Cleansing.

Samitsu Tamagowa: A Yellow with an outstanding Healing talent in Cadsuane's group, who contributed to saving Rand after the bubble of evil in Cairhien, and who saved Lord Dobraine's life after darkfriends nearly killed him. Cadsuane left her in charge of keeping an eye on Sashalle and Sorilea and matters in Cairhien, though Shashalle, a Red sworn to Rand, has in fact taken over. Samitsu followed Logain when he went to Rand at the manor in Tear, but after her report, Cadsuane sent her back to Cairhien.

6. Borderlands with Perrin

Faile Bashere: Perrin's Saldaean wife, recently rescued from the Shaido at Malden. Faile is the daughter of Deira and Davram Bashere, and second-in-line after her father to inherit the Broken Crown when Tenobia dies. TGS (prologue) spoiler - click to expand

Faile's most recent fait d'armes is to have killed Masema and intending to keep this secret from Perrin, a new plot twist certain to spice things up again in Perrin's storyline.

Masuri Sokawa: An Arafellin Brown Sister, expert on Darkhounds. Part of the rebel Embassy to Rand, she swore fealty at Dumai's Wells. She was picked to accompany Perrin to Ghealdan.

TGS (prologue) spoiler - click to expand

Masema Dagar: A Shienaran soldier under Lord Ingtar Shinowa who was part of the expedition to retrieve the Horn of Valere. After Falme, Masema began to have "visions" and went increasingly insane, which eventually led him to proclaim himself the Prophet of the Lord Dragon in Ghealdan and starting a violent fanatical movement that sunk that nation into chaos. Rand eventually sent Perrin secretly to bring Masema back to him. After Faile's kidnapping, Masema eventually turned Aram against Perrin, convincing him Perrin was shadowspawn. Aram tried to kill Perrin during the battle of Malden and died for it. Most of Masema's group was destroyed in that battle. In What The Storm Means, Faile tracked down Masema after he had escaped Perrin's group, and drove a dagger through his heart to make him pay for his good deeds at Malden. Thus ended the Prophet. This first and last POV from Masema confirmed that he wasn't a darkfriend. His ties to Suroth remain a mystery. Another remaining mystery are his visions, notably that latest one of Rand in white telling him to kill Perrin Aybara. Theories already abound, and personally I see the style of Lanfear/Cyndane in this, not only in driving Masema madder through his dreams (he was always a bit nuts) and building an army of fanatics to follow Rand, but also the more recent order through dreams to kill Perrin. Those are tactics reminiscent of the allusions about the way Lanfear used tel'aran'rhiod in the War of Shadow (especially the seeming mass madness that Masema have created in Ghealdan; I suspect Lanfear "helped him" to get that ball rolling using mass dreams). Lanfear's also the only Forsaken who could conceivably have wanted Rand to get an army of fanatics around the time of The Dragon Reborn.

Bartu and Nengar: Two Shienaran soldiers who have fallen under the spell of Masema and remained with him when Uno left for Salidar. Their fates are unknown, though they are probably dead.

7. Bordermen currently missing in action

Lady Deira ni Ghaline t'Bashere and her ladies: The powerful wife of Lord Davram and the mother of Faile. Lady Deira was wounded in Crossroads of Twilight by darkfriends who infiltrated the camp to steal the Seal left by Rand in Davram's care. Deira did not accompany Lord Davram to Tear when he went to join Rand with Logain. It is unknown whether Bashere left the Saldaean women behind when Rand sent him to Arad Doman. By Saldaean customs, it is somewhat unlikely. If Rand had his way, that's far from unlikely.

Saldaean women are known for taking matters in their own hands and solving in their backs whatever problems they believe their husband's aren't addressing to their taste - whatever the risks involved. Saldaean ladies are also their Houses' spy mistresses. If Deira and her ladies were left behind in Andor, it's certainly possible that Deira decides to take advantage of the fact Davram is away and Queen Tenobia is close to go to her and attempt to clear the air between her and her husband, while also trying to learn what the four rulers are really about – in case it's something Davram should really know about. Deira is also notoriously displeased with the fact Mazrim Taim runs free, and she's never hid much her disagreement that Davram has joined Rand, nor her dislike of Rand.

Delana Mosalaine: A Shienaran Black sister from the Gray Ajah. One of the too-young Sitters in the Rebel Hall, she was also Aran'gar's pawn in the Hall. Exposed as Black by Romanda in Knife of Dreams, she managed to escape to an unknown location with Aran'gar.

Rianna Andomeran: Rianna is a Kandori Black Sister from the White Ajah. She was part of Liandrin's group. She is easily recognizable from her unique streak of white hair. Rianna was sent on a mission by Moghedien in The Fire of Heavens which has remained a mystery. She has not been seen since.


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