Friday, October 23, 2009

Early non-spoiler TGS impressions from OF Blog of the Fallen

Larry from OF Blog of the Fallen has published today his early (non-spoiler, in accordance with Tor's wishes) impressions of The Gathering Storm, a teaser to his upcoming full review after the book's release.

For those of you who do not know him yet, Larry is an avid enthusiast, reviewer and promoter of the speculative fiction realm, from its most well-known authors to the avant-garde and the fringes of the genre, mostly nowadays through his Blog, the OF Blog of the Fallen (If you want to discover authors old and new, Larry's one of the guys to follow around).

He's also a friend of Linda and me, from our days as admins on Wotmania. While we focussed on everything WOT, Larry was a central player of the "Other Fantasy" section.

Larry also shares with us a love of themes, motifs and literary analysis in general, and has a keen eye for it. Anyone interested in reading the rather positive impressions of a Jordan reader who isn't an avid Wheel of Time fan like us and most of the reviewers of the book so far is invited to follow this link.

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