Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Birthday Dominic

Today is a momentous day with the release of the Gathering Storm, but it certainly isn’t a ‘spoiler’ to tell you that it’s also Dominic’s birthday. While I know Dominic is ecstatic to receive The Gathering Storm on his birthday, and who wouldn’t be, that anniversary itself is in danger of being a little swamped.

Time zones being what they are, I’m nice and early – for both the book (I’ve already read a few hundred pages) and to wish Dominic a very happy birthday. And many more happy ones. Birthdays and books.

It’s been such tremendous fun to work with Dominic over the years on the Wheel of Time series, and especially here on The Thirteenth Depository. He’s a great friend.

So often we good-naturedly tease each other about our vastly differing climates.

To show what life can be like, I’ve included a couple of photos I took of the local beaches in winter. Yep you read it right, winter. Life’s a beach, as we say here.

Onward, and for many more years.

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Fanatic-Templar said...

Belated cheers!

(Sorry Dom, I'd been avoiding anything WoT-related until I had the time to purchase and read the book, but I mean it anyway :P.)