Friday, April 23, 2010

JordanCon Eve

By Linda

Having fun in Atlanta! The weather is good, the people are welcoming. Well worth the agony of the 20 hour flight and 31 hours with no sleep.

Last night I had dinner with Brandon, Harriet and Maria and the other wonderful people making major contributions to JordanCon who were able to attend. Since the Con is yet to start proper we didn't talk much WOT. It's true. It was more of a meeting or reunion.

Brandon did talk about the way he works though, especially regarding writing WOT. He stressed that he doesn't know the minutiae of the series like RJ did. Nor does Brandon store the details of any of the worlds he writes about in his head, he prefers the computer. He leaves his headspace free to concentrate on the writing and the characters’ personalities and motivations. For WOT, Brandon learns what he needs to write sections of the series, writes them and moves on to the next sections. That’s how he works. The WOT world isn’t his world and would take a lot of study to master all the details, and that would delay the books.

What RJ could do and did do, answering all sorts of questions about details on the spot, was precious and irreplaceable. Moreover RJ had a lot of information about the series written down, but a lot more was in his head.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the fun dinner. You were the only person at dinner specifically mentioned by Brandon in his twitter post. Rob

Neth said...

I'm a bit envious.

Have fun - it was certainly a pleasure when I met Brandon last year. And you get to meet so many more people than just Brandon.

Tell him I said hi.

Dida said...

Enjoy your time at JordanCon & in the US, Linda! :o)

Brandon said pretty much the same thing to me, at the Woodland Hills event. I was shocked to learn Brandon has read the series less times, than I have over the past 20 years. Overall series details are not is strongest point, rather writing is.

P.S. - Dragonmount forums is not functions since early this morning. Some type of database error is popping up.

Mik said...

Woop woop!
Great to read you're having fun!

Reading those few lines was agony though! I -so- want to be right there at that dinner-table, just reading who are there and how relaxed it was.

Enjoy every minute, Lin!