Wednesday, April 7, 2010

New Article Released : Matter of Britain 2 - An Arthurian Who's Who

A new article is now available in the Reference Library: Matter of Britain 2: An Arthurian Who's Who. Matter of Britain 1 was about the many, often profound Arthurian Myth Parallels in the series: the Goddess of Sovereignty and her champions and the Healing of the Land, the Dolorous Stroke, the Fisher King, and the Grail and other Hallows objects.

The Who's Who is a really fun tour through those characters with Arthurian parallels and was written by Marcia (known as MJJ Sedai on Wotmania) in 2005. Aviendha, Egwene, Lan, Moiraine, Gawyn, Thom and more are all there. Rand himself, along with Artur Hawkwing and Luthair Paendrag, was discussed in Matter of Britain 1: Arthurian Myth Parallels. Each character wrestles with the same issues as their Arthurian counterparts, but the outcome is quite different due to Jordan's little twists, just as each Age is different when it comes around again even though it is the same Age...

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Marcia said...

Umm. Just thought of a couple of things with regards to Min (Elmindreda) Farshaw. Certinaly seer/poet as in 'she who sees far' with regards to her surname. But Elmindreda - Elmin as in elemental and/or illumine, and dreda as in dread (much like the dred in Damodred). You're not yet to the M's in character names though, and Min's not in the E's other than for references elsewhere; so I'm guessing you've probably got the boxes checked on this already ;p