Monday, April 5, 2010

New Article Released: Character Names Parallels - K

By Linda

The article on possible sources for character names starting with K has been published in the Reference Library. Rand's mother, Kari al'Thor is the main entry but there are also some Aes Sedai, such as Kiruna Nachiman.

On Wednesday I will publish an Arthurian Who's Who written by Marcia, and on Friday, commence another series of articles.


Marcia said...

Love these alpha-soup name articles Linda. Even if some of the WoT parallels are tenuous, it's great fun trivia as far as what some of the names mean in the RW and how they were derived. And as I recall, RJ picked some of his character names simply from things that struck a chord with him while he was reading the newspaper or traveling or whatever. But...that chord is often far more subliminal than we give it credit for (heh, just why it's characterized as 'subliminal' I suppose ;p).

Ooh Ooh and the Arthurian par duex!! (is that french - par duex?? - or just horribly bastardized english with no resemblance whatsoever to french?? Dom, come out of hiding you dirty dog and tell me if I've insulted you with this!! ;P

So I have to go do a re-read of the Who's Who to see if you needed to do any editing/updating Linda. As far as I remember, there was a bit of speculation amidst the parallels (albeit clearly noted as such), but not too much that was too far off the mark I think as of TGS. Whatever I'm sure I can go with it. And I'm looking forward to any cool pics you added for illustration!

MJJ (looking forward to living JordanCon 2010 vicariously through pressure of course, just enjoy!!)

Linda said...

Some aren't much. Some are profound though - LTT for example.

As far as I can tell, RJ's favourite maps (or pages of the atlas) were parts of Africa, especially Sudan, and the Iran-Iraq-Afghanistan area.

Who's Who didn't need many changes at all.

No pressure eh? :D I certainly plan on reporting JordanCon doings promptly. I'm sure I'm not the only one!