Wednesday, August 25, 2010

The Looming Towers #10: Who is Where? In the North

By Linda

This is the second of a two part listing of the location of the characters as at the end of The Gathering Storm. Note that parts of Towers of Midnight will be concurrent with The Gathering Storm.


Queen Elayne
Andoran nobles and forces
Some Kin
Darkfriend captives


Mat’s band – both halves? (Talmanes’ and Estean’s)
Domon, Egeanin, Juilin, Thera, Thom,
Noal, Setalle Anan, Olver
Joline, Teslyn and Edesina
Bethamin and Seta

Soldiers and Dedicated
Taim’s faction Asha'man
perhaps some of Logain's faction Asha'man and neutral Asha'man
6 Red Aes Sedai – Pevara, Tarna, Javindhra, Desala, Melare, Jezrail
10 former rebels – Myrelle, Faolain, Nisao, Theodrin and 6 Sitters (including Salita, Lyrelle and Naorisa)

Arad Doman

Sea Folk ships

Iralin, dockmaster
5 members of the Merchant Council (probably now bolted)





Ituralde and his Arad Doman force
100 Asha’man Rand promised Ituralde


16 Aes Sedai led by Sashalle
Cairhienin nobles
Possibly High Lady Fionnda
some Aiel forces



Tar Valon

Reunited Aes Sedai (except Cadsuane’s faction)
Accepted and Novices
White Tower personnel
Mattin Stepaneos
Bryne and the former rebel army
4 Bloodknives




About 80 Black Ajah escapees
Unrevealed Black Ajah in Cadsuane’s faction


dispersed Shaido (making their way to Waste)

Luca’s menagerie

Elder Haman



Graendal (might be dead)


Shadar said...

:) Nice work including Luca on the list. I'm sure it will be appreciated by some.

Linda said...

Heh! :) We have spent quite a bit of time with these minor characters. We have a general idea of where they wanted to go, but not where they have actually gone.

Unknown said...

you forget the fifty former rebel Aes Seday that went to bond asha'man in the Black Tower...

Linda said...

I didn't forget them Cesare, they never went. The rebels sent a delegation of 10 to the BT to start negotiations. Those I did mention.

Christina Gleason said...

There's no maybe about it...Graendal is dead. Remember, Rand was certain of this because the balefire burned her out of the Pattern before she laid the nasty Compulsion on his little messenger.

Jared George said...

This is an amazing list, I cannot wait till fain comes back into play. He is so creepy and powerful yet we don't have any idea where he is.
One question what about "Lord Luke" the wolf killer/dream walker/Lans Cousin... on and on... that guy is way confusing. Any Idea where he is?

Linda said...

Christina: there is a maybe. Was Graendal clever enough to sense Rand's trap and get away?

Jared: No I don't know where Luc/Isam is. That's why Slayer is in the unknown section. Because he can use Tel'aran'rhiod to move around quickly he could be anywhere.

Molly said...

This is pretty off-topic but I am really looking forward to Egwene meeting Cadsuane. it will be of epic proportions, surely.

Daniël van Deutekom said...

Linda, good point about Graendal. I never tought of it like that way.

Daniël from Holland

Jared George said...

Linda: Thanks for that. I completely missed seeing Slayer there. I have a thought on Slayer. Do you suppose he will meet Mat Thom and Noal in the Tower when they go to free Moraine? (total speculation) I was just thinking he went in the tower in Tel'aran'rhiod, so he must have some association with them in the tower. I would think Mat may get to fight him or something, though it only seems right that Perrin should be able to kills him... or Lan. What do you think?

Anonymous said...

The most widely held view about Slayer and the ToG is that he never went into the ToG. He stepped out of TAR there in the hope Perrin would think he entered the Tower and gets trapped there.

The backcover blurb for TOM suggests strongly Slayer (referred to there as "the slayer of wolves") will be a foe in Perrin's story line in TOM.

Unknown said...

probably it is my misunderstanding, but I interpreted the wording differently than you

in chapter 43 it is clear that every Ajah sent a sitter with the envoy

in chapter 45 it is also clear that with them were sent also Myrelle, Nisao, Faolain and Theodrin

but both the wordings don't exclude clearly that other sisters were not sent...

but there is more, my suspicions and doubts come from this:

"The departure of Faolain and Theodrin was particularly suspicious. Supposedly they had gone because they had no Warders, but the sisters in the camp didn't consider those two full Aes Sedai..."

in my interpretation, this implied that the delegation was composed not only by Sitters and relevant sisters (as Myrelle and Niasao, from the personal council of Egwene) with the task of negotiating the bonding... but also that the delegation was composed also by sisters who will bond asha'man (many of them...)

Linda said...

Jared: We don't know for sure whether Slayer went into the Tower or not. He might have wanted Perrin to think he did so Perrin would stop pursuing him.

I also think that Slayer is Perrin's adversary, not Mat's.

Cesare: I guess we'll eventually know.