Monday, August 30, 2010

World SFF Convention

By Linda

In a few days time, the World SFF Convention for 2010, AussieCon4, commences in Melbourne. It runs from Sept 2nd to 6th. Many authors will be there, including Kim Stanley Robinson, George R. R. Martin, China Mieville, Shaun Tan, Cory Doctorow, and John Scalzi.

I'm taking a few books to get signed (I hope). I'd really like to get Cory Doctorow's new book For the Win so he can sign it, but the bookshops I've rung say it hasn't been released here yet. A nuisance for me, but potentially more than that for the authour.

The preliminary convention program is here:

Among the many panels there will be a Wheel of Time panel, held on Monday 6th September at 12 pm. I am among the panellists, as is James Luckman from Dragonmount.

We will be discussing:

Robert Jordan and the Wheel of Time

Robert Jordan’s multi-volume epic The Wheel of Time has become one of the most successful series in fantasy literature, continuing beyond Jordan’s untimely death in three new novels by Brandon Sanderson that will finally conclude the saga. What is the reason behind the saga’s popularity, and what makes it stand out from the fantasy crowd? How is [sic] Sanderson’s concluding volumes comparing to Jordan’s own novels – are we seeing a fitting conclusion?

and Jason Denzel's Towers of Midnight trailer will be shown. It's great! The trailer will also be shown at DragonCon the same weekend. DragonCon has a terrific WOT track. If only I could be in two places at once!

I'm hoping to meet some Wheel of Time fans at AussieCon and will be reporting on Con panels and events on the blog.


Larry Nolen said...


With any luck, Cory's book will be sold in the Dealer's Room. Lots of pre-street release books are often available at the larger conventions like the WSFC and I would suspect his would be one of them, considering the international audience that'll be present and his stature as a writer/blogger.

Linda said...

Thanks Larry. I hope so. However, I was talking to the premier SFF bookshop people in Sydney yesterday and they won't have any copies there. If they don't then it's doubtful any Australian dealer would. It would have to be an international dealer.

Lachlan said...

Linda I've seen some things in Melbourne out before they're supposed to be. :P

Well you'll see one WoT fan. Me :P You'll be able to recognise me by the Asha'man pins on my coat. Hope you enjoy Worldcon.

Linda said...

I hope you enjoy it too! I shall be on the lookout for you. If you recognise me from my profile pic, do come and say hello!