Monday, August 23, 2010

The Looming Towers #9: Who is Where? In the South

By Linda

This is the first of a two part list of where characters were located at the end of The Gathering Storm, with the other part to be posted on Wednesday. Note that parts of Towers of Midnight will be concurrent with The Gathering Storm.

Aiel Waste

Non-combatants of clans

The Shaido are headed here

Almoth Plain

Seanchan forces
Anti-Seanchan Taraboner forces


Empress Fortuona
Tylee and other Seanchan officers
King Beslan
nearly 40 White Tower damane including Suffa
Shaido da'covale and damane

Asunawa + Questioners
some Lords Captain and their legions

Fleeing Shaido in Malden area


Seanchan forces

Far Madding

Borderlander rulers and their forces and advisors
13 Aes Sedai

Ghealdan/Altara border

Faile and Cha Faile
Berelain and her Mayene forces
Alliandre and her forces
Two Rivers bowmen
Aiel – Gaul, Bain, Chiad, Maidens including Sulin, 6 Wise Ones
Grady and Neald
Morgase and her entourage, Balwer, Elyas
Annoura, Seonid, Masuri
Thousands of refugees

Galad – 7000 Whitecloaks and their Lords Captain

Fleeing Shaido Malden area


Gregorin den Lushenos and the rest of the Nine
Illianer forces


King Roedran and his forces

Stedding Shangtai

Ogier meeting at the Great Stump
Presumably Loial, Erith and Covril


Some anti-Seanchan Taraboner forces


King Darlin
Tairen High Lords and Ladies (except perhaps Fionnda)
Min, Alivia
Aes Sedai including Nynaeve, Cadsuane, Alanna, Corele, Erian, Merise, Nesune, Sarene, probably not Beldeine
Aiel – large force, with some Clan Chiefs, Wise Ones including Amys, Sorilea, Bair and Melaine
Asha’man including Flinn, Narishma, Naeff,
Cairhienin including Dobraine, Caraline
Bashere and Saldaeans
Tam al’Thor (at end of The Gathering Storm, likely to be with Perrin at beginning of Towers of Midnight)
Large multinational force

Sea Folk


Voscaia Sedai said...

I don't know whether you left her out deliberately or forgot her, but I've got the feeling that the presence of Duharra Basaheen (Red / Black) in Caemlyn is of some significance for ToM

Linda said...

Yes, I should add her.

Bill Morgan said...

I think I missed this, but how do you know the Seanchan got away with 40 damane?

Bill Morgan said...

Oh, and thanks.