Tuesday, August 31, 2010

WOT digital scavenger hunt!

By Linda

Starting August 31st, Brandon and Tor.com are running a digital WOT scavenger hunt.

There is an encrypted Wheel of Time secret on Brandon Sanderson’s site that will require the combined efforts of many fans in many cities to find all the codes to unlock the entire page. Each code unlocks a different piece of the page. The codes are on the back of the WoT bumper stickers pictured right which Brandon will secrete in copies of his books or Wheel of Time books in the different stores he’ll visit on his The Way of Kings book tour.

Each city will have at least one hidden code. However, WOT secrets will not appear in Sam Weller's books or in the release party books because things were not organised in time.

This is Brandon’s Tour Schedule for The Way of Kings:

Monday, August 30th (Midnight)
BYU Bookstore: Provo, UT

Tuesday, August 31st (7:00 PM)
West Jordan Barnes & Noble: West Jordan, UT

Wednesday, September 1st (7:00 PM)
St. Louis Barnes & Noble: Chesterfield, MO

Thursday, September 2nd (7:00 PM)
Orlando Barnes & Noble: Orlando, FL

Fri 9/3 – Sun 9/6 (*Eagle Eye Bookstore*)
Dragon*Con and Decatur Book Festival

Tuesday, September 7 (7:30 PM)
Quail Ridge Books: Raleigh, NC

Wednesday, September 8th (7:30 PM)
Washington D.C. Borders: Baileys Crossroads, VA

Thursday, September 9th (7:00 PM)
Chicago Borders: Oak Brook, IL

Friday, September 10th (7:00 PM)
Mysterious Galaxy Books: San Diego, CA

Saturday, September 11th (3:00 PM)
Borderlands Books: San Francisco, CA

Monday, September 13th (7:00 PM)
Powell’s Books: Portland, OR

Tuesday, September 14 (7:00 PM)
University Books: Seattle, WA

Let the Great Hunt begin!


DeAnna said...

I could just cry! It's like 6 hours away from me TONIGHT. If I had realized I would have made plans to make the drive but sadly I can't be of any help and I know of no fans over in that direction. Best of luck on the hunt!

Linda said...

It was rather sudden DeAnna.

TWW said...

Brandon needs to come to South Florida instead of farther up north. Florida is too big for only one Brandon visit :(
Oh well I'll just have to make sure he comes closer than 3 hours to me for the TOM tour.

Anonymous said...

It says "Be sure to drink your Ovaltine!"

Unknown said...

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