Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Ten Predictions for TGS challenge

As we did for the Prologue, you're all invited to share with us your predictions for what will happen in The Gathering Storm in a little challenge.

Here are the rules:

  • You can enter up to 10 predictions in the challenge. The more you have, the most chances you get to score points. You need to post them in our "Listen to the Wind" sub-forum by starting a thread there. If you don't use material from ch. 1 & 2 or the prologue in your predictions, indicate it in your thread title by (NO TGS Spoilers). If you don't use the released material, you get a 5 bonus point for increased difficulty. Of course, only threads with the mention NO TGS Spoilers are safe to read in that sub-forum for those who chose not to read the advanced material.

  • Your predictions can be about anything: characters, events, POVs, titles of chapters etc. Anything goes. They can be general or precise. Precise ones are more risky, but score higher.

  • The challenge closes on October 23rd. Until then, you have the freedom to complete your prediction list or edit it as you wish.

    Here's how we calculate points:

  • Everyone who participated in the Prologue challenge has a bonus five points, plus the points they scored (the results are announced at the bottom of this post).

  • Everyone who enters the new challenge also gets a bonus five points.

  • 5 points will be awarded for each generally accurate prediction, but one point will then be removed for each inaccurate element in an accurate prediction:

    eg: Prediction: Two Wise Ones will die in Arad Doman in the first half of TGS

    - If only one WO die, but in Caemlyn in the first half of the book, you will be awarded 5 basic points - 1 for the missing second death - 1 for the wrong location + 2 points for the right timing
    Total: 5 points

  • The more details in a prediction, the more chances to score bonus points. 2 will be awared for each detail that is correct:

    eg: Prediction: Two Wise Ones will die in Arad Doman in the first half of TGS

    - If two WO die in Arad Doman by mid book you will be awarded 5 points, plus two bonus points for each additional detail that increased difficulty, in this case:

    In this case:
    5 points +2 for the right number of WO +2 for the right location +2 for the right timing in the book.
    Total: 11 points

  • Everyone reaching 50 points will be given a Wisdom title in the forums for the year. Everyone reaching 25 points will given the Wisdom Apprentice title.

    Should anyone reach 75 points, you will be deemed a Foreteller, and impress us very much :)

  • Good luck to everyone, and thanks to all who've participated so far. The first batch of readers' predictions will be posted on the Blog's main page soon, then updated at the end of each week.


    Prologue Challenge's results:

    Now, here are the results (forcibly, this part contains prologue spoilers)

    TGS Prologue spoilers - click to expand

    Linda and Dominic aren't officially participating, but we didn't do so well anyway ;)

    - Linda got one fully accurate prediction (an Aran'gar or Graendal POV), so 10 points
    - Dom got nothing at all in his "official three", so 5 points.

    And now our readers:

  • Agent Orange scored highest with two fully accurate predictions out of three, one easy (Ituralde POV) and one quite a bit more difficult (a Masema POV): 15 points. Congrats!

  • Deadsy and Dan scored nine points, respectively for her prediction of an Ituralde POV (minus 1 point for wrongly predicting something about the Aiel on the plain) and his prediction of a Seanchan POV (minus 1 point for getting wrong that plans for the WT would be discussed).

  • BobH, Truth Panda, Tim and Reptile all got the 5 points for participation. Like Dominic's, it sounds like your Listening to the Wind Talent might need some fine tuning :P I don't know about you, but for myself I'm considering cheating a bit and using observations of ants and birds too for my 10 predictions list. :)


    Anonymous said...

    Cool contest, will you and Linda also post your predictions later?

    Timmay said...

    Of the minor characters I'm interested in, I'm really looking forward to see Nacelle's reaction when she hears that Lan has raised the Golden Crane.

    Timmay said...

    Hmm... I meant to put that comment in the Borderlands part 2 section.

    Timmay said...
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