Wednesday, February 27, 2002


By Linda

The Golden Sheaves, Demalien, Andor. Elayne and co stayed there (The Path of Daggers, Into Andor) and Elayne heard that people believe the Dragon Reborn killed her and her mother.

Gold symbolises perfection, power, glory and wealth, and sheaves of grain symbolise plenty and prosperity. Andor is a rich country.

The Wild Boar in Andor was where Elayne channelled into the red rod ter’angreal and doesn’t recall what happened next (The Path of Daggers, Into Andor). The wild boar is a dangerous animal, and boars symbolise strength, aggression, courage and spiritual authority. The charging boar is the sigil of Elayne’s brother Gawyn. Elayne’s channelling into an unknown ter’angreal was dangerous. She was as reckless as her brother, although for a worthwhile cause.

The White Swan, Florel Market, Andor. The weather finally returned to normal while Elayne, Nynaeve and co stayed at this inn. It began to snow and they exchanged Aviendha’s gems for warm clothes (The Path of Daggers, Into Andor).

White represents purity, truth, innocence, and, in this case, probably snow. The swan is associated with the sun and the light and symbolises transformation, love, loss of love, and death. The transformation of the weather and the restoration of the seasons was a victory for the Light. Elayne and Nynaeve are both fond of the doomed Rand.

The New Plough, Andor. Elayne and co stayed there. The name refers to a local occupation.

The Red Bull in Caemlyn was where Hanlon was ordered to stable his horse when he went to report to Shiaine (The Path of Daggers, Crimsonthorn). Red symbolises fire, war, energy, aggression, danger, political revolution, vitality, health, and blood and the bull, virility, danger and death and resurrection. The inn’s name refers to the thriving state of the Shadow at this time and its success in bringing war, social destruction and death to the Land.


Written by Linda, June 2007

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