Wednesday, February 27, 2002


By Linda

The Garden of Silver Breezes, Tanchico, where Carridin agreed to aid King Andric and Egeanin met Gelb, is actually an upmarket wineshop, not an inn. Its name is deliberately inviting. On another level, gardens represent safety and paradise, silver represents purity, hope and wisdom, and wind represents spirit, soul, the breath of life and the supporter of creation. Andric, Egeanin and Carridin were conscious of being in danger and called for their meetings at this safe house. Andric and Egeanin hoped for support; Carridin was offering support but needed it himself. As can be gathered from the name’s symbolism, much was at stake in Tanchico and this wineshop offered respite and a solution.

The Three Plum Court in Tanchico is a white-plastered square building three storeys tall with a high-walled courtyard. There are no windows on the ground floor and the higher windows are covered with ornate iron grills. It has a private dining room called the Chamber of Falling Blossoms. Nynaeve and Elayne stayed there.

The number three is a very positive number and represents harmony and completeness. Plum blossoms represent triumph over adversity due to persistence, or even revolutionary activities, (see The Three Plum Blossoms inn at Falme, where Nynaeve and Elayne planned how to free Egwene and escape the Seanchan) but here the flowers of revolution have borne fruit. Their mission in Tanchico was very successful.

The Goose and Pipe, Deven’s Ride, is larger than the Winespring Inn and has a thatched roof. Perrin sees it in the wolf dream (The Shadow Rising, The Price of a Departure). The inn’s name advertises a good meal (goose) and a place to relax (pipe).

Geese represent vigilance and love. Vigilant, caring Perrin saw this inn while on reconnaissance in Tel’aran’rhiod. There is also the joke that a goose-necked pipe (whether used for smoking or in industry) is one with a large curved neck as Jordan would know, since he collected tobacco pipes.


Written by Linda, June 2007

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