Saturday, September 5, 2009

The Gathering Storm Chapter 1: Tears from Steel (spoiler free review)

by Linda

This chapter is in Sanderson's 'hand'. It's descriptive, as the first few paragraphs of all the main series books are, but moves fairly briskly along, just the wind itself.

Other than the omniscient POV, there is only one other in the chapter.

It continues KOD's themes of corruption of reality, health and morals: the land is more Blighted; the dilemma over how to interrogate prisoners must be faced.

There's plenty of Foreshadowing. Also plenty of body language. Perhaps less dialogue than Sanderson writes in his own books.

All in all, pretty damn good! I enjoyed it. Thanks to for releasing this early.

I'm very much looking forward to September 17 when the Prologue is released for sale.


Anonymous said...

When registering with Tor, it asks for a word verification. What is the 'secret word' that I need to input? I don't see any of those word generator boxes that usually guard forum registration. I really want to read the first chapter, and this silly secret word is thwarting me!!

Dominic said...

This isn't normal. There's no secret word, it's supposed to be a word verification as you tought, but it's not were it used to be.

Email, no doubt they'll solve it out for you.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the suggestion (and I'm relieved that it wasn't just me). Before I could email them, I find that the problem has been fixed.