Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The Storm is Coming! #7: More Waste of Aes Sedai

More Waste of Aes Sedai

By Linda

In 2005 BobH compiled a list of all Aes Sedai who are 'out of action' for one reason or another and why, and we republish his Dead, Captured and Missing Aes Sedai article here as part of our recap for The Gathering Storm. It's interesting that since the series began, over 10% of the Aes Sedai have died, been taken prisoner, or are missing.


Dr Saidin said...

I don't agree with #14... that Red Sister wasn't killed by a bubble of evil. Those were Fain's powers.

RKK said...

No they weren't Fain's powers, they were a bubble of evil. Why would you think otherwise? Fain's never exhibited that kind of power. Other unnatural fogs have been noticed before.

Check the glossary of tPoD under Hanlon, Daved. It clearly states that his White Lions "were destroyed by a 'bubble of evil'".