Friday, September 4, 2009

Surprises ahead?

Fuelling the fires started by Jennifer and Jason's news about five WOT announcements still to come out this week (via Dragonmount) (the first of the six news was the release of the Book tour's schedule), Brandon's publicist at Tor Books is spreading the word around that : "this weekend, DragonCon takes place in the Atlanta area. There will be some surprising—and even landmark—announcements being made concerning the Wheel of Time." (thanks to Ken from Nethspace for giving fans the heads up on this on

Suprises, landmark - what is that all about? :) It does sound exciting in any case. Landmark? Hmmm... Note that neither Jason nor Dot at Tor mentionned it concerned The Gathering Storm specifically. Likely some of the news concern the new book, but maybe some of them concern WOT in another way?

In any case, it's very good to feel that vibe of anticipation and excitement the imminent release of a new WOT book always stirred in me coming again. How I've missed that with the long hiatus between Knife of Dreams and The Gathering Storm.

Keep an eye on Tor and, DragonCon, Dragonmount's Twitter for more news - and be sure we'll report the WOT news here, and comment them, too as soon as they get out.

Landmark? Suprises? What have they cooked up for us...

We sure expect big news about the Prologue, but in itself it's not really a landmark, unless they modify the way they've released it in the past. And what else? The EOTW movie project is still very young, it's doubtful they're ready to announce any 'landmark news' about it, and same for the WOT games project that we'd expect are still a few years in the making. Tor Books have the first WOT graphic novel (compiling the Dabels' New Spring Comics, with extras) slated to come out before the end of the year (if that's still the plan) but that's no surprise. There is a movie about the work and life of Jordan by filmaker Hunter Wentworth in the works - the Wit of the Staircase - which is of great interest to us here - but we've heard nothing about an imminent release. Of course, we expect Tor and/or Dragonmount to have a few promotional surprises up their sleeve for the WOT fanbase - surely some of the news concern this.

Feel free to comment and speculate below if you have any idea what this could all be about.


Brandon has just tweeted this:

"Harriet approved my choice for the title of WoT 13, though Tor hasn't done so yet, so I can't tell you. But we're close."

So I guess the title for book 13 could be one of the six news.


BobH said...

No idea what the surprises could all be, but I did see on the DM Twitter that Jason said there are actually six announcements, not five (including the book tour schedule).

The more the merrier! :)

Dominic said...

Indeed. I must have worded it incorrectly - it's five more beside the schedule.

I'll post an update, as Brandon just posted something that I think might be a clue to one of the five news... maybe. Otherwise we now have 7 news ahead. LOL!

Unknown said...

One had better be the prologue. Or else the PR people will commit hari kari Atlanta