Saturday, September 19, 2009

More news: Titles announced for the last two books

Brandon Sanderson announced on his blog that the title of Book 13 will be Towers of Midnight which seems appropriate, since there are 13 Towers of Midnight in Seanchan.

He also said that the title is "appropriate in an interesting way". Therefore I doubt it simply refers to the actual Towers of Midnight, when Robert Jordan said we would not visit Seanchan again, but it may refer to the Seanchan Seekers, whose headquarters the Towers of Midnight are, and their activities on the mainland as they strive to uncover the truth about the a'dam and the real and probably imagined plots of Aes Sedai and, one hopes, the Shadow.

True to the multiple meanings of most of the book titles so far, I'm betting that it also refers to dark doings at the White Tower, where things are probably pretty ugly by then, and also to the already pretty ugly and dark Black Tower. And then there's the Tower of Ghenjei...

Finally it may refer to fortresses and watchtowers built for battle by either the Shadow or the good guys.

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Moridin's black fortress in the Blight, for instance.

At this rate there'll be 13 actual towers!

All in all, an inspiring choice!

Book 14 will be titled A Memory of Light, Robert Jordan's title. A Gathering Storm was Harriet's suggestion, and Towers of Midnight Brandon's.


Pseudonate said...

I wouldn't be surprised if it also refers to the Tower of Ghenjei.

Linda said...

That too, yes! I'll add it. :)

Mik said...

It's a long shot, but Brandons title might also refer to either Tcheran or Sha'rah pieces. We know that both games field different pieces with different functions/ movement.

Since both games are said to 'encompass all the subtleties of life' and we know Sha'rah is one of the better metaphors for the battle between Creation and it's counterpart, I wouldn't be surprised to read that there are (13?) Towers of Midnight on the Sha'rah board.

Just a thought.