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The Gathering Storm Prologue Predictions' Challenge

We've asked the team's members and our readers to submit their three predictions for the prologue of The Gathering Storm, and to take a guess about what the title of the prologue might be (yes, I know. I've cheated and just recently added this). Update: We know the title of the Prologue now; it's at the end of the Chapter One: Tears from Steel download. So this part of the competition is over. Please do continue to send us your predictions for the Prologue however.

Thanks to all those who've participated so far. For those of you reading this while it's on the main page, there's a link to this page on the top left panel, if you want to find it quickly later.

Don't be shy (if you knew what we've predicted in the past that turned out all wrong, you wouldn't be) and keep sending us your predictions about the prologue by following this link and leaving them as a Comment to the post.

You are also welcome to comment any of these predictions with the Comment feature of this post.

Who will turn out to have the best skills for Listening to the Winds carrying the big 784 pages Tor hardcover of a storm coming towards us?

The Blog Team's Prologue Predictions:

Linda's Predictions :

1. A POV from someone in Dorlan referring to Gawyn's task of harrying the rebel army and becoming discontented with Elaida leaving them stuck in Dorlan. After all, they were only following Elaida's and Galina's orders...

2. A POV from Lan or a Malkieri following him. They've reached or almost reached Maradon (think Battle of Marathon) and things are about to get ugly...

3. A Forsaken POV. Aran'gar or Graendal.

Title? I think it will refer to menacing secrets or serpents in the bosom.

I'm not gonna try and cheat by adding more! :P Later I'll put together my 10 predictions for the main book though.

Dominic's Predictions :

I like to live dangerously, so I'll go with not necessarily obvious stuff (like returning players from the last prologues etc.):

1. One of the two forsaken, perhaps both, who were involved in kind of cliffhangers in Knife of Dreams (ie: Semirhage, Aran'gar) will have a POV in the prologue.

2. The scene we heard about from the JordanCon reports (the one opening the prologue, with a strange storm) will not be the only one of its kind in the prologue. This storm will turn into a sort of leitmotiv through the prologue, cropping up in various scenes. Weird stuff will happen.

3. We will get a POV from either Mat, someone with him (Thom?)or someone about to leave him (my bet would be on Domon/Egeanin) in the prologue.

My guess on the title: Prfft, that one is rough. I'll go with:

the word cloud being included, and some sort of of weather metaphor.

I will keep adding a few more later, not counting for the challenge.

Here's a first few:

1. Beside the first scene we already know of, there will be other new POV(s) in the prologue

2. I do not think Egwene will 'attend Elaida' in the prologue. I think we have a scene with some of the BA hunters and at least one of the ferrets that goes before that.

3. Minor Aes Sedai who might appear in the prologue include Bennae and (*hugs*) Zemaille. I think the issue of the Thirteenth Depository and its revelation to Bennae by Egwene needs more set up/build up before it crops again later in the book.

The Blog Readers' Predictions:

Predictions by Reptile:

Three predictions? Off the top of my head, mine are so general as to be nearly useless. Black Ajah hunters discovering a sliver of information. Galad responding to word from/about Perrin's camp. Egwene either talking in telaranriad (sp?) to the rebel Hall or to Siuan and learning about cleansing and new Ashaman warders--or thinking back to this while she is serving Elaida and relevant issues come to the fore.

August 31, 2009 11:40 PM


Predicitions by Tim:


1) Mesaana's POV: we won't yet learn who she's posing as (perhaps a few more hints, but nothing concrete). We will get more of details (though again, not concrete) on what her ultimate wants are for the Tower, as well as how she's reacting to Moridin's commands and how she plans to work around them for towards her own.

2) Lan's POV: Gives us an update on how his Army gathering is coming. He's probably halfway across the borderlands by now, with a sizeable army, and wondering how Nynaeve got him into this. Probably will drop a few lines about Moiraine and the Blight being quite and pretty much unguarded, likely forshadowing some future events.

3) Loial's POV: Loial arrives at the Stedding and prepares to address the Stump. Give more of a glimpse into the life in the Stedding and Ogier culture (our glimpse in TGH didn't tell us too much). Ogier move slowly, so I think the this will start here, then not be seen for a while.

Hopefully I'm at least partially right, as I'd love to see things from these perspectives!

September 1, 2009 1:03 AM

Title prediction:

Since you're gonna cheat and add new things to predict, I'm gonna go with "Clouds" as the title for the Prologue. Kinda short, but the last two have been long and this fits with "Lightnings" and "Snow"...

September 2, 2009 6:35 PM


Predictions by Deadsy:

This is difficult =op

But I'll guess

Egwene attending Elaida (but this does seem too major for a prologue. oh well)

Galad heading to Perrin

Something with Ituralde and the Aiel suddenly appearing

September 1, 2009 3:28 AM


Predictions by Agent Orange:

This is as easy as taking chocolate from a deceased Amayar.

1.A traditional Rodel Ituralde POV

2.I would say a Galad POV, but no. Galad will be in the main book, else how will he meet Berelain? So let's go with a Masema fanatic or even the Prophet himself.

3.A borderland watchmen hears the Worms coming closer.

September 1, 2009 7:44 AM


Predictions by Dan

There are usually more than three POV's in a prologue, so it is difficult to pick only three. I'll list my "formal" 3 foretellings, followed by some others that I think will ocurr.

1. A Senchan POV describing battle plans for the white tower

2. An Ogier POV; Loial on the stump, or Elder Haman closing gates

3. A Moiraine POV summarizing her experiences in 'Finnland with an admission she killed Asmodean

(and his other predictions not part of the challenge):

Other POV's I think will be in prologue:

Gareth Bryne and Gawyn (they might even get a glimpse of each other)

We will get an update on Lan's activities in the north, but it will be from someone else's POV

The Black Ajah Hunters make a startling discovery...

Moridin using the mindtraps to compell Lanfear and Moghiedien to do... something

At least one of the following POV's; Verin, Sheriam, or Cadsuane

An update on Arad Doman from Aviendha's POV

September 2, 2009 11:24 AM


Predictions by Truth Panda:

Title: a storm coming

1: nynaeve pov in which her weather sense really frigs out, also giving update on borderlands. She then returns to Rand if she hasn't already.

2: pov from someone in the tower (not egwene) about egwene world events and a storm coming

3: pov from taim (the storm leader) about bonded ashaman, how evil he is, etc.

I also expect a pov from mat and loial, but those are my 3 official guesses.

Foreteller: Matthew J Price

September 2, 2009 6:58 PM

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