Thursday, September 24, 2009

Great News: Audio version of Chapter 2 of the Gathering Storm now available on

This just came in from

It looks like the good folks at Tor Books intend to keep the WOT fans on the edge of their seats until October 27 with surprises. They are now giving us chapter two, The Nature of Pain, an Egwene POV (the Egwene chapter, if you follow my meaning. Linda will be happy to know).

Here's the official announcement:

Chapter Two Audio of The Gathering Storm Available Now-Only for Members

Membership has its privileges!

We had such great success with the release of Chapter One from The Gathering Storm on that we decided we just couldn't stop there.

For all of our new and pre-existing members, we've got a little present. Consider it half love-letter (totally platonic, we swear!), half-thank you for being part of our community.

In conjunction with Macmillan Audio, we bring you the entirety of Chapter 2 of The Gathering Storm, from the upcoming audiobook.

on Just log in to listen, enjoy, and discuss.
The audio is live now

As with previous officially released excerpts (What the Storm Means, Tears From Steel), we are allowing full discussion of this new material in the newly opened forums. Keep them to the What The Storm Means/Tears from Steel/The Nature of Pain sub-forum, however, and we will ask you to label threads about it with (Chapter 2 spoilers) for the next couple of days, until everyone coming to the forums has learned of the chapter's availability and got time to read it.

Halfway into it, it's great stuff, Egwene's writing is feeling "just right".

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