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Topical Index : Egwene al'Vere

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Origins: Egwene was born the daughter of an Innkeeper in the Two Rivers District of Andor


Prophecies related to Egwene:


Character Parallels for Egwene – Main Article: Egwene and Gawyn: Character Parallels

  • Amys' decision to teach Egwene

  • Egwene al’Vere raised 999 NE

  • Egwene and Chesa's medicines

  • Egwene and harbour chain

  • Egwene and knowledge

  • Egwene as Siuan’s pupil

  • Egwene could pass the Aes Sedai test

  • Egwene’s aim to gather all female channellers to Tower

  • Egwene’s belief Rand knows Compulsion

  • Egwene’s capture by White Tower

  • Egwene's search for her true path

  • Egwene's experience with the accepted arches

  • Egwene’s lack of appreciation of Rand’s ta’veren effect

  • Egwene's reaction to forkroot

  • Egwene's strategy among rebels

  • Egwene and her plan for the Tar Valon Harbours (full article)

  • Mentions in The Detection of channellers article

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