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Topical Index : The White Tower, The city and region of Tar Valon

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Characters Associated to the White Tower, the city and region of Tar Valon

The Initiates
Index of the Aes Sedai sisters
Index of the Accepted & Novices

The Non-Initiates

Index of the Warders
Index of the Younglings

Adim (near Tar Valon and Dragonmount)
Adrinne (near Tar Valon and Dragonmount)
Aelmara (Romanda’s maid)
Aldan (one of the rebel soldiers)
Allin (Member of Tower Guard)
Alysa (near Tar Valon and Dragonmount)
Annah (messenger in Aes Sedai army)
Azil Mareed (Domani) (High Captain of the Tower Guard during the Aiel War)
Carlya (Maid to Elaida)
Charel (groom)
Chesa (Maid to the Amyrlin Egwene al'Vere)
Cords (Sgt in rebel army)
Coulin (Master-at-Arms under Siuan Sanche, killed by Gawyn)
Denhold (Cavalry captain)
Ehvin (Kitchen servant in the rebel camp)
Garon Burlow (Mayor of the village of Dorlan)
Gera (Cook in the rebel camp)

Hahn (near Tar Valon and Dragonmount)
Holcom (Tower Guard)
Ilain Dormaile (Cairhienin Banker in Tar Valon, NS)

Jimar Chubain (Siuan's then Elaida's High Captain of the Tower Guard)
Master Jovarin (Master Mason)

Kaylin (servant in rebel camp)

Laras (White Tower Mistress of the Kitchens)
Master Lerman (Chief Mason for Elaida)

Mada (serving woman in Tar Valon)
Malvin (soldier in the Tower Guard, NS)
Marel (groom)
Martan (White Tower clerk)
Meri (she was one of Egwene's maids)
Miesa (Delana's maid)
Mistress Millin (dairy farmer in Dorlan)
Millis Fendry
Moor (near Tar Valon and Dragonmount)
Moria Elward (farmer near Tar Valon)

Mulinda (servant with the Salidar rebels)
Naorman Mashinta
Nemaris (camp follower with the rebels)
Nildra (servant with the Salidar rebels)

Pol (maid of Merillile Candewyn)

Saal (Inn maid in Tar Valon)
Mistress Satina (servant with the rebels)
Selame (Tairen maid to Egwene al'Vere)
Steler (Bannerman in the Tower Guard)

Tamore Alkohima (Domani seamstress in Tar Valon)
Tijds (rebel soldier)
Tinna (thrown out of White Tower, leader of Dragonsworn)
Uso (near Tar Valon and Dragonmount)
Vestas rebel captain
Mistress Wellin (Tower clerk during the Aiel War)

Identified Eyes-and-Ears:

Duranda Tharne (Blue Ajah agent, Lugard)
Milam Harnder (First Librarian in Caemlyn, Demira's eye-and-ears)
Millis Fendry (Brown Ajah informer, Caemlyn)
Nieda (Blue Ajah agent, Illian)
Quillin Tasil (Innkeeper in Bandar Eban, Cadsuane's agent)

    Items related to the White Tower:




    Aging of older new channellers
    Change in Testing of Tower Trainees
    Novice Lifestyle
    Novice Lifestyle
    Novice Ranking
    Novice Schedule
    Novice Vocation
    Prohibitions for Novices


    Accepted (minimum strength to be raised) in Saidar Strength Ranking

    Accepted always chosen for appropriate Ajah
    Accepted Lifestyle
    Accepted Ranking
    Accepted Studies
    Change in Testing of Tower Trainees
    Daughters of Silence
    Lectio and Disputatio for Accepted
    Prohibitions for Accepted
    Raising an Accepted

    Aes Sedai

    Aes Sedai (minimum strength to be raised) in Saidar Strength Ranking

    Adoption of the Three Oaths
    Aes Sedai agents
    Aes Sedai all do some activities of each Ajah
    Aes Sedai attitudes to Novice Vocation
    Aes Sedai damane
    Aes Sedai during the Breaking
    Aes Sedai, Historical influences on
    Aes Sedai, Freemasonry references of
    Aes Sedai Initiation, Freemasonry references in
    Aes Sedai intelligence networks
    Aes Sedai Lifestyle and Money
    Aes Sedai Money
    Aes Sedai never refused admittance to an Ajah
    Aes Sedai Saidar Ranking
    Aes Sedai with grey hair, age of
    Aiel War and Aes Sedai
    Campaign against False Aes Sedai
    Demotion of Aes Sedai
    ’Extra bit’ in bonding Aes Sedai
    Failure of Aes Sedai over Malkier
    False Aes Sedai are heretics
    Female Aes Sedai as representatives of the Goddess of Sovereignty
    Founding of Rhuidean by Aes Sedai
    Founding of The Kin
    Healing of Logain
    Impending Seanchan Attack on Tower
    Mutiny of Aes Sedai
    Oath against lying
    Requirements for being raised to Aes Sedai
    Sidhe -- (Mythological Parallel for Aes Sedai)
    Summary of Captive Aes Sedai
    Summary of Dead Aes Sedai
    Summary of Missing Aes Sedai
    Unification of Aes Sedai


    Ajah Secrets
    Ajah Sizes
    Ajahs and Ajah Heads, Early History of
    Ajahs, Establishment of
    Ajahs, General customs of
    Ajahs, secret weaves of


    Executive Positions of Aes Sedai
    Ajah Head Conspiracy
    Ajah Heads conspiracy
    Ajah Heads, Custom regarding
    Ajah Heads, Customary secrecy regarding
    Ajah Heads, First
    Ajah Heads under Egwene
    Ajah Heads under Elaida
    Amyrlin, Authority of
    Amyrlin, Customs and Laws regarding Travel
    Amyrlin, Deposing an
    Amyrlin, Functions and Responsibilities of
    Amyrlin, Laws and Customs surrounding
    Amyrlin, Law on selecting
    Amyrlin, Nepotism and the
    Amyrlin position, Early History of
    Amyrlin, Raising of the
    Amyrlin, Regalia of
    Amyrlin, Resignation of the
    Amyrlin succession, Patterns in
    Amyrlin term length
    Amyrlin, usual age for being raised
    Amyrlin’s intelligence network
    Amyrlins, False
    Black Ajah Head
    Doge of Venice -- parallel of Amyrlin Seat
    First Tower executive
    Keeper, Customs and Laws surrounding
    Keeper of the Chronicles, Early History of
    Mistress of Novices, laws and customs surrounding
    Pope -- parallel of Amyrlin Seat
    Sharing of intelligence with Amyrlin
    Similarities between electing the Pope and the Amyrlin
    Tar Valon government
    Unification of Aes Sedai
    Warders and the Amyrlin, Customs regarding


    Crime and Non-initiates
    Crime and Initiates
    Usage of Chair of Remorse for Criminal Rehabilitation

    Serious crimes:


    Adoption of the Three Oaths
    Aes Sedai Costume
    Bonding a man as Warder against his will was quite common once
    Customs for Raising an Aes Sedai
    Customs of Ajahs
    Customs of Courtesy among Aes Sedai
    Customs regarding Accepted
    Customs regarding Aes Sedai
    Customs regarding Aes Sedai Ranking
    Customs regarding Death of Aes Sedai
    Customs regarding Female Channellers Who Are Not Aes Sedai
    Customs regarding Male Channellers
    Customs regarding Marriage
    Customs regarding Novices
    Customs regarding Test For Accepted
    Customs regarding Test For Aes Sedai
    Customs regarding the Oaths
    Customs regarding Warders
    Entire ceremony for raising Aes Sedai used to be conducted with all present naked
    Publicly known passing of Warder bond


    Discipline of Aes Sedai
    Discipline of Initiates
    Discipline of Non-initiates

    Elaida's Embassy to Rand: (full article)


    Black Ajah Hunters and Law
    Campaign against False Aes Sedai
    Catholicism Of Aes Sedai
    Law of Unintended Consequences
    Laws regarding Accepted
    Laws regarding Female Channellers Who Are Not Aes Sedai
    Law regarding Interrogation
    Laws regarding Items of the Power
    Laws regarding Male Channellers
    Laws regarding Novices Running Away
    Law regarding Thirteenth Depository
    Laws regarding War
    Laws regarding Warders
    Security clearance for information access
    Legislation of Law safeguarding Amyrlin
    Tower law against foreign armies


    Composition and Politics of the Halls (998-1000 NE) (full article)

    Black Sitters in Egwene’s Hall
    Black Sitters in Elaida’s Hall
    Black Sitters in Siuan’s Hall
    Consensus, Greater
    Consensus, Lesser
    Exile of three Red Sitters
    Factionalism in Egwene’s Hall
    Factionalism in Elaida’s Hall
    Factionalism in Siuan’s Hall
    Hall and Sitters, Early History of
    Hall, Authority of
    Hall, Ceremony in
    Hall, Convening the
    Hall, Custom and Laws of
    Hall, Customs and Laws of the
    Hall, Failure of
    Hall, Formal or Informal Sessions of
    Hall, Layout of the
    Hall, Quorum of the
    Hall, Politics in the
    Hall, Voting of
    Hall’s inaction regarding replacing Shein Chunla
    Re-united Hall
    Sitters, Authority of
    Sitter, Raising a
    Sitter, Resignation of
    Sitters, Custom and Law surrounding
    Sitters, Discipline of
    Sitters, Ranking of
    Too young sitters in Egwene’s Hall
    Too young sitters in Elaida’s Hall
    Too young sitters in Siuan’s Hall
    Votes against Siuan
    Young Sitters in Siuan’s Hall


    Adoption of the Three Oaths
    Aes Sedai during the Breaking
    Aes Sedai, establishment of on mainland
    Aes Sedai were forcibly turned to the Shadow in the Trolloc Wars
    All Aes Sedai dismissed from Artur Hawkwing’s service
    Ancient Rebellions
    Assassins in the Hall
    Bounty on all Aes Sedai not renouncing the Tower
    Cadaver Synod -- Parallel for Whitecloaks trying and hanging a dead Amrylin
    Campaign against False Aes Sedai
    Compact of Ten Nations
    Early History of Amyrlin position,
    Early History of Ajahs and Ajah Heads
    Early History of Hall and Sitters,
    Early History of Keeper of the Chronicles
    Early History of Thirteenth Depository
    Change in Testing of Tower Trainees
    First Ajah Heads
    Founding of Kin
    Founding of Rhuidean by Aes Sedai
    Founding of the White Tower
    Great Fire in Tar Valon
    Hawkwing wanted Aes Sedai to follow same laws as everyone else
    Ishamael claimed that established Black Ajah
    Many early Amyrlins assassinated
    Onset of ban on balefire
    Renala Merlon associated with division of White Tower
    Second Compact/Covenant
    Tar Valon invaded by Hawkwing
    Tower declared war on Hawkwing
    Trolloc attacks on Tar Valon
    Unification of Aes Sedai
    White Tower gained lands during Trolloc Wars
    The Year of Four Amyrlins


    White Tower Library
    Librarians are Brown Ajah
    Thirteenth Depository
    Thirteenth Depository, Early History of
    Tower Histories

    Military Forces:


    Aes Sedai mutiny over Hall’s mishandling of Shein Chunla
    Agreement between Andor and Tower
    Ajah Head Conspiracy
    Aim of Ajah Head Conspiracy
    American Civil War -- Parallel for Tower/Rebel schism
    Analysis of Amyrlin reigns
    Black Ajah Hunters' achievements
    Black Ajah hunters’ actions
    Blues have strained relations with the White Ajah
    Compact of Ten Nations
    Consecutive Amyrlins from same Ajah
    Consequences of Mesaana’s orders to Alviarin
    Crucial role of Siuan’s lie about Red Ajah in rebellion
    Elaida's Embassy to Rand, number symbolism of
    Elaida's Factions
    Hall’s inaction regarding replacing Shein Chunla
    Organisation of rebels
    Public Schism
    Rebel factions
    Rebel Factions
    Rebel ferrets sent by Sheriam’s six
    Rebel Sitters vote to bond Asha’man Warders
    Role and influence of Sheriam’s group in rebellion
    Second Compact/Covenant
    Siuan’s political problems
    Strain between Blue and Yellow Ajahs in last hundred years
    Tower Mutinies
    Strength of Blue-White-Green axis in last 160 years
    Third Blue Sitter in Siuan's Hall
    The Tower’s plans for Moiraine to rule Cairhien
    Tower’s international policy
    Tower’s services to people
    Uniting Aes Sedai, Difficulty in
    White Ajah allied with the Blue in the Hall and against the Red since beginning of New Era
    White Tower and Rand
    White Tower need for reformation


    Punishments for Crimes:

    Secret punishment of Amalasan’s captors

    Tar Valon

    Founding of the White Tower
    Tar Valon Place Names
    Tar Valon, Size of
    Tower Library
    White Tower and Tar Valon, Laws and customs of
    White Tower gained lands during Trolloc Wars
    White Tower layout
    White Tower roof


    Illegal gentling of men
    Killing of many Aes Sedai
    Punishment and exile of Red Sitters
    Red ajah and vileness

    Warder Bond

    Aes Sedai’s gift from bonding a Warder
    Bonding a man as Warder against his will was quite common once
    Bonds Publicly known passing of Warder bond
    Releasing Warders
    Warder, releasing a

    White Tower Prophecies