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The Last Battle (Tarmon Gai'don):

Lesbianism in the Wheel of Time

Liandrin’s group (see individual entries in Aes Sedai Index for more)

Machin Shin

Main continent has no name
Main continent size

Male homosexuality in the Wheel of Time in Pillow friends article


Masema’s millenarian extremism

Mashadar, arrival of

Masking (the ability to channel) – see One Power Index

Mat Cauthon (Index for Mat and the Band of the Red Hand characters)

Matriarchies, Why WOT has

Matter of Britain (Arthurian Legend) parallels

Medicines and Herbs (non One Power Healing)

Meso-American Mythology - parallels with series

Metalworking in the Wheel of Time:

Military Forces of the Westlands (main article)

Min’s Viewings

Maps of the nations of Essenia, Moreina and Tear

Moridin - see the Moridin Index

Mythological influences in series

Nar’baha ("Fool Box")

Nazi influences at the Black Tower
Nazi influences in the Shadow in The Shadow's Influence on the Black Tower

Nazi/Third Reich Parallels in The Wheel of Time

New Testament and end-times of series

Nightflowers (fireworks)

Norse Mythology - parallels with the series

Novice Characters -- see Novice & Accepted Characters Index

Nynaeve al'Meara -- see the Nynaeve al'Maera Index