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RAFO (Read and Find Out) Comments:

Red Eagle of Manetheren

Reversing (of Weaves) – see One Power Index

Rhuidean (One Power items associated with)

Robert Jordan

RPG, Wheel of Time

Sacred oath of salvation

Sailors (Index of Characters)

Schools, founding of to preserve knowledge

Seafolk (General Index,Characters Index,Topics)

Seals to the Dark One’s Prison (see The Shadow Index )

Seanchan (General Index,Characters Index,Topics)

Series, amount and rate of writing in

Sexuality in the Wheel of Time in Pillow friends article
Sexuality of characters

Shadar Logoth dagger
Shadar Logoth dagger and Shadow sensing it
Shadar Logoth Dagger, evil power of
Shadar Logoth’s corruption

The Shadow (General Index)
Shadow and Shadar Logoth similarities

Shen an Calhar name in the Mat Essay

Shepherd (Rand as a Shepherd figure) – see Rand Essay

Ships & Boats (Characters and topical Index)

Shocklances, nature of

Singing/Song in the Age of Legends

Snake Symbol of Eternity

Stone and stonework symbolism

Strikers (Aludra's name for matches)

Sul'dam (Matters related to the) -- see Seanchan Index

Symbolism (Index of symbolic elements in the series)