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Taint on saidin, Inspiration for
Tainting of Saidin

Tarmon Gai'don (The Last Battle):
Tar Valon


Ter'angreal (Full Alphabetical Listing and Index of all Ter'angreal Topics)

Themes in the series


The Three Oaths and the Oath Rod

Three Wishes Joke


Tower of Ghenjei in the The Aelfinn and the Eelfinn article
Tower of Ghenjei in the Moiraine's Rescue article

Trolloc Wars
Two Rivers Characters Index

Ulster emblem

Utopia of Age of Legends

Victory in war between Light and Shadow

Victory in war between Shadow and Light - RJ's comments

Victory over Shadow not guaranteed


War and famine in end-times

Warders (Index of Warder Characters)

White Eagle of Poland

The White Tower (General Index)
The White Tower Characters -- see Aes Sedai, Novices & Accepted, Warder Indexes

Windfinders -- see Seafolk Characters Index

Wise One Characters (Aiel Characters Index)

Women saidar ranking

Zoroastrian Parallels in the Wheel of Time series