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Topical Index : Sea Folk and Amayar

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Alphabetical Index of the Amayar Characters

Timna (Amayar)

Alphabetical Index of the Atha'an Miere Characters

Amel din Monaga Stone Anchor (Master of the Blades)
Baroc (former Master of the Blades)

Cemeille din Selaan Long Eyes
Coine din Jubai Wild Winds

Derah din Selaan Rising Wave
Harine din Togara

Lincora din Omen

Malin din Toral Breaking Wave
Milis din Shalada Three Stars

Nesta din Reas Two Moons
Niolle din Lembar



Toram din Alta Wild Winds

sUren din Jubai Soaring Gull (ancient scholar and calendar devisor)
Wallein din Onill
Zaida din Parede Blackwing

Windfinders & Apprentices:

Aiden Shimura (Aes Sedai returned to Sea Folk)
Azzara din Karak
Caire din Gelyn Running Wave -- Saidar Strength Lev. 10
Chanelle din Seran White Shark -- Saidar Strength Lev. 8
Dorile din Eiran Long Feather -- Saidar Strength Lev. 8

Faeral din Rao
Jorin din Jubai White Wing

Kurin din Calis Red Sails -- Saidar Strength Lev. 8

Metarra din Junalle -- Saidar Strength Lev. 15
Naime din Malzar -- Saidar Strength Lev. 11
Nestelle din Sakura South Star

Rainyn din Burun-- Saidar Strength Lev. 12
Renaile din Calon Blue Star -- Saidar Strength Lev. 9
Rysael din Yulan -- Saidar Strength Lev. 11

Senine din Ryal -- Saidar Strength Lev. 8
Shalon din Togara Morning Tide -- Saidar Strength lev. 9
Shielyn din Sabura Night Waters

Taalan din Gelyn -- Saidar Strength Lev. 17
Taval din Chanai Nine Gulls
Tebreille din Gelyn South Wind -- Saidar Strength 10.
Seafolk Aes Sedai:

Aiden Shimura
Nyein Kalede
Zemaille Amassa

Topics related to the Seafolk

Sea Folk and Amayar
Sea Folk and knowledge
Sea Folk and male channellers
Sea Folk Costume
Sea Folk culture and thier prophecy
Sea Folk Forces
Sea Folk Place Names
Sea Folk rulership
Windfinders, establishment of

Items related to the Seafolk:

Topics related to the Amayar

Amayar and male channellers
Amayar apocalypticism
Amayar, establishment of
Amayar as millenarianists
Amayar awaiting sign of end of days
Heaven’s Gate -- Parallel of Amayar
People’s Temple Christian Church -- Parallel of Amayar
The Sea Folk's Broken Bargain with the Amayar
Suicide and murder of Amayar in Last Days
Time of Illusions